Scientists are baffled by the latest fossil find.

It’s an octopus they claim is 95 million years old.

And, guess what? It looks just like a modern-day octopus – complete with eight legs, rows of suckers and even traces of ink.

In all that time, it seems, the octopus hasn’t evolved – not one tiny bit.

What’s rare about this find is that octopuses are almost all muscle and skin. When an octopus dies, it quickly decays and liquefies into the oozy slime from which evolutionary scientists claim life began. After just a few days, there’s nothing left at all of a dead octopus. No octopus fossil has ever been found before – especially not one 95 million years old, explained Dirk Fuchs of Freie University Berlin, the lead author of the study.

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“The luck was that the corpse landed untouched on the sea floor,” Fuchs said. “The sea floor was free of oxygen and therefore free of scavengers. Both the anoxy [absence of oxygen] and a rapid sedimentation rate prevented decay.”

What most surprised Fuchs and his colleagues was how similar the specimens are to today’s octopus.

“These things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species,” Fuchs said.

What does all this mean to the evolutionary scientists?

Somehow, it proves evolution – even though it shows the opposite.

One animal that preserves very well in fossilized form is the turtle – because of its hard shell.

Scientists claim to have found turtles 215 million years old. Guess what they look like? You got it. They look just like today’s turtles. And, once again, somehow this is evidence for evolution.

Even the “Cambrian explosion” – a period scientists claim is half a billion years old – in which most complex animals appear to have rapidly formed, with no trace of evolutionary ancestors, is somehow used by scientists to prove evolution.

It’s all based on science’s doctrinaire ties to time. Because evolution has become a matter of faith for many scientists, they determined a long time ago the earth must be billions of years old. It would take that much time, they decided, for the diversity of life we see on earth to occur.

So the earth’s strata were labeled by time periods. The age of fossils are determined by where they are found in the strata, which are somewhat arbitrarily labeled by time periods.

No allowance is given for the possibility of worldwide calamities such as the Flood described in detail in the greatest history book man has ever known. Could such a catastrophe have markedly shifted strata? No, because evolutionary scientists know the Flood is a myth – even though there are accounts of it in every culture in the world.

It’s funny to me that many of the same scientists who discount the Flood are believers in man-made global warming. While there’s plenty of evidence for a worldwide Flood, there’s no scientific evidence for man-made global warming. It is a pipedream. It is a hoax to enslave mankind to global authorities.

But I digress.

The one thing to which evolutionary scientists will never open their minds is the possibility that life on earth was created, virtually all at once, and not that long ago.

Increasingly, that’s what the fossilize evidence actually shows – if one is willing to open his mind to the possibility.

But as long as macro-evolution is taught like a religion in our schools and universities, not even leaving open the remote possibility of intelligent design, the scientists will continue to be baffled by their new discoveries.

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