It’s most certainly a mistake to think that terrorists attack buildings and people because of what they’re named instead of what they represent, but that seems to be the belief of the New York Port Authority, which has scrapped the “Freedom Tower” name for the new skyscraper being built where the World Trade Center once stood.

The Port Authority reports its having trouble renting space in the new building, and that’s understandable, but the bureaucratic mindset of government is really on display when we take into account the Authority’s apparent belief that potential tenants will feel less at risk if the name “freedom” isn’t on the building. Heck, our entire government seems to feel that way about the United States, and it’s more than a bit troublesome.

Nobody will be able to convince me that this sudden change of heart on the name “Freedom Tower” doesn’t have anything to do with the new hope coming from Washington, D.C., where reside a president and a Democrat-controlled Congress who believe that America is such a great country that it needs to be fundamentally restructured.

These “changes” include scrapping names for things that may offend. Our nation is in the midst of re-titling things to add some level of cutesy-cutesy and to ensure that the new moniker doesn’t imply guilt or mock anyone.

For example, Janet Napolitano, President Obama’s new Homeland Security director, told the German newspaper Spiegel that in order to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur, she will now refer to “terrorism” as “man-caused disasters.” (I was ahead of the curve because I’ve been calling Congress that for years)

Also, a new Pentagon directive asks employees to substitute the phrase “Global War on Terror” with the term “Overseas Contingency Operation.” Given all this, were we really to expect a name like “Freedom Tower” to be allowed to be applied to hallowed ground that is representative of a struggle between “good” and “evil” – especially when so many of our leaders seem to be completely convinced that we’re not the former?

Incidentally, look for other name changes in the near future. My guess is that abortion will soon become, “stem cell research volunteer.” Tax increases will be referred to as “elevated levels of involuntary patriotism.” And hijacking will be known as “Mid-air pilot shift-change initiated by unaddressed sociopolitical grievance.”

In the Baracktionary, “war” will become an “appeasement opportunity,” Americans kidnapped overseas will become “Obamaland Collectibles” and al-Qaida will be known by the acronym GWAFAIBSVPOALOT (“Guys with a few anger issues but some valid points on a lot of things”).

Some are surprised that the name “Freedom Tower” was dropped, but it’s just another symptom of an acceleration of the long, slow, painful global process of apologizing for, and being ashamed of, freedom and prosperity. It has nothing to do with the excuse of “avoiding inviting another attack.” Come on – if we really wanted to invite an attack on the building, all we’d have to do is name it “AIG.”

So, what will the former “Freedom Tower” be called now, if anything? What would be the best representation of the current state of the U.S. and its politics? In today’s political climate I’d suggest any of the following names for the building:

  • The Bailout Belfry
  • The High Rise of Hope
  • We’ll Give You Cash If You Don’t Attack This Building!
  • Stimulus Steeple
  • World “Spread the Wealth Around” Center
  • Socialism Tower
  • The “It’s Our Fault” Fort

Remember the America that wanted to rebuild the World Trade Centers with the design that looks like a certain hand gesture as a message to those who seek to bring our country to its knees? But perhaps the reason for the name change is as simple as this: Considering the direction in which the U.S. is headed, the government may consider “Freedom Tower” to be nothing more than false advertising.

The unapologetic attitude about American freedom is still out there if you look hard enough (as long as you don’t look in Washington, D.C.), so maybe it’s not too late for a full resuscitation of liberty. Freedom does indeed still ring, but it won’t for long if the ding-dongs in D.C. and their willing accomplices in various “communities” keep getting their way.


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