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Some time ago an old sailor retired from the sea. Reaching home, he asked his two daughters for one favor, that being a proper burial at sea when the time came.

The old sailor eventually died and daughters Barbie and Barbara went out, bought a canvas sail and sea twine to sew a shroud and prepare him for burial at sea.

They took their father to a boat and the two of them rowed and rowed until Barbie asked Barbara, “Are we deep enough?”

Barbara jumped over the side and the water was just to her knees, and she said, “No.”

They rowed some more, and Barbara jumped in to find the water up to her chest, so she got back in.

The third time they rowed and rowed and then rowed some more.

“Are we deep enough yet?” Barbie asked.

This time when Barbara jumped over the side she disappeared beneath the water and Barbie looked over wondering if she’d drowned when all she saw were bubbles coming up.

Then, with a mighty splash, Barbara exploded from the water and grabbing the side of the boat yelled triumphantly to Barbie, “YES! We’re deep enough! Hand me the shovel.”

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