Two Democrats and a Republican – or perhaps I should say three “Democrats” in the Senate, have moved the ball further down the court to controlling and shutting down the Internet. What?!

That’s right. Senate Bill 773, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 written by Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va.; Bill Nelson, D-Fla.; and Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, would give the president and the Commerce Department unlimited power to declare an emergency and pull the plug.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air writes that the bill addresses the need to protect vital networks from cyber attack, but gives a lot of power to the executive branch – perhaps too much power.

“Raising eyebrows is Section 14 in which the Commerce Secretary has access to all relevant data concerning federal and public networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access; and Section 18, Internet traffic to and from any compromised Federal government or United States critical infrastructure information system or network.”

Morrissey believes Section 14 may be a bigger problem.

“It essentially revokes all privacy safeguards on Internet use for all networks. The Fourth Amendment would go straight out the window with the explicit inclusion of ‘private sector owned critical infrastructure information systems and networks.’ While Section 18 limits jurisdiction to federal networks, Section 14 allows the government to go after private networks without search warrants. The section also doesn’t limit the jurisdiction to acute attacks, either. That jurisdiction exists at all times. The big problem isn’t that Obama might shut down the Internet. It’s that the bill essentially repeals the Fourth Amendment.”

S. 773 should be carefully tracked by all Internet users at GOVTRACK, which I mentioned in one of my previous columns. Or at Open Congress.

Clock is ticking for doctors

The clock is ticking toward an April 9th deadline.

Dr. Joe DeCook, vice president of American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologist (AAPLOG), says the Obama administration is moving quietly to overturn the HHS regulation known as the “conscience clause.”

If you believe in life over abortion, retired ob-gyn Dr. DeCook is urging you to waste no time notifying the government and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of your stance while public comment is open until Thursday, April 9th.

“The current administration realizes they can’t jump on that one all of a sudden, so they have started with seeking to rescind the HHS regulation, (which is) simply a clarification of existing laws. The administration’s new efforts to overturn the HHS regulation could mandate practices such as abortion or shut down many of the 557 Catholic hospitals around the country that treat millions of U.S. hospital patients.

“Revoking the regulation is the first step in removing a doctor of his or her rights to make a decision based on conscience and as a result placing that decision in the hands of the government. This issue also could cause a dire situation for the entire medical profession,” the physician said during an interview last week on my radio program.

“FOCA will trump every pro-life law that’s ever been passed – it’s garish legislation, really. We call FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) the ‘Fetus-cide on Command Act’ because that’s what it is.”

Healing comes

In a related post, Inside Catholic contributing writer Elizabeth Scalia, who posts at The Anchoress Online, examines the issue.

“If you actually talk to women who have kept the babies conceived ‘due to violence,’ as I have in my life, you would more likely find that their allowing their child to live has delivered them from their trauma, and brought love, healing and light into a very dark reality. “

Is he or isn’t he?

As WND recently reported, Georgia resident Carl Swensson convened a citizens’ grand jury that has indicted Barack Obama. During an interview on my radio program last week, Swensson told listeners how he brought 25 citizens together to hear testimony, and on the basis of evidence presented, the panel determined there was reasonable cause to issue an indictment against the sitting president.

WorldNetDaily, one of the few news publications to pursue the matter of Obama’s constitutional eligibility, is devoting its latest issue of Whistleblower Magazine to exploring the issue.
Swensson says he’s been inundated with calls and emails from citizens all over the country seeking to convene their own grand jury.

Submission accomplished

Barack Obama’s deep bow to Saudi King Abdullah created a firestorm of criticism among bloggers on the Right. prompting hundreds to write of their outraged at the president’s deference to foreign monarch, Saudi King Abdullah, the titular head of the Islamic world.

On the other hand, bloggers on the Left were critical of those who took offense at gesture of submission by the leader of the free country.

A video of the incident at the G20 Summit in Europe was viewed by nearly 25,000 during its first day on YouTube.

The mainstream media barely covered Obama’s backside, in a manner of speaking, opting instead to “bow out” with sporadic mentions of the Right’s outrage, and not of the president’s penchant for what passes as Islamic subservience.

Taliban flogging in Swat Valley

While Obama was figuratively kissing the king’s ring, conservative bloggers Michelle Malkin and Atlas Shrugs picked up a story from the Guardian and within moments of posting the video, thousands of readers saw horrifying images of a 17-year-old girl who was held down by adults while being whipped 37 times. As a crowd stood by silently watching, the 17-year-old screamed face down in the dirt. The stone-age Shariah worshipers were so proud of their sadistic work they passed around a video of the beating on their mobile phones and contacted Western media to spread the word.

The video is very disturbing. Caution is advised.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future…

Everybody needs a stopwatch at some point. Online Stopwatch! is a simple and fast Flash online Stopwatch and Countdown Timer, always available when you need it.

Tick, tock, tick…

That’s the way, unhuh, unhuh, we like it!

Fox News Business anchor Neal Cavuto showed the rest of the mainstream media how it should be done, holding elected representative Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, accountable for his actions. Cavuto sliced and diced the chief sponsor of the Pay for Performance Act when Grayson could not and would not define what the bill said was “unreasonable compensation.”

Rush Limbaugh commented about it on his show the following day, saying, “Alan Grayson is …leading the way on Barney Frank’s idea for Congress to set themselves up as the final arbiters over who can make what at any firm that receives bailout money from the US government. Neil Cavuto tried for eight minutes to get Alan Grayson to give him some numbers, and the guy wouldn’t give him any numbers. [snip]

“Anybody watching this should have quickly come to the conclusion that the wrong people are in charge of at the wrong time who don’t have the honesty to tell us what they’re really going to do. They don’t have the guts… I’m not sure watching this Grayson guy, I’m not sure that he actually understands what’s going to happen. He’s just the front man writing the legislation.”

‘You are an insult to George Washington, sir’

Fox News host Glenn Beck says he’s not a journalist, but mainstream media reporters should take a lesson from him anyway. During his program last week, Beck hoisted Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on his own petard, wasting no time when he opened the interview with this question: “Are you gonna demand that Chris Dodd returns this (AIG) money? Are you going after him?” Blumenthal squirmed away from an answer.

Beck followed up, asking repeatedly, “What law did the AIG executives break when they took those bonuses that were mandated by a legal contract? What law is that, sir? What law gave you the right to go after them? What law did they break?”

By the end of the interview, Blumenthal, who never did give Beck a direct answer, was mincemeat in a suit. Care to bet if Blumenthal will ever do another interview with Beck, or on Fox, for that matter? I don’t think so either.

Speaking of the fourth estate…

Want to find a media contact on Twitter? Now there’s a new database to help with that task. Sort by name, media outlet, country, title/beat in ascending or descending order to access more than 650 media contacts.

Heard it on the grapevine…

While marketers are finding Twitter a “tweet” recipe for success, blogger Kara Fisher of BoomTown says contrary to reports that Google is looking to buy out Twitter, Twitter and Google simply have been engaged in “some product-related discussions, according to one source, around real-time search and the search giant better crawling the microblogging service. [snip] … sources at Google stressed that a strong partnership – especially in light of the growing size of the Facebook social-networking site – is what the company is most interested in at this point in time.”

It’s revolutionary!

A Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll released last Friday showed that a whopping 36 percent of Americans polled said they would be willing to join a symbolic Tea Party on April 15th to protest excessive government spending. According to Ben Cunningham of Tennessee Tax, 36 percent participation is extraordinary.

“If you can get one percent to commit to take action, that’s extraordinary, and typically it’s no more than two percent. But to have a threshold of 36 percent nearly two weeks before the actual event saying we will take action and get involved is almost, I hate to say it, revolutionary.” Twenty-nine percent of Democrats polled said they would participate.

Cunningham analyzed the poll during an online video interview with Michael P. Leahy of Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT) on PJTV. The 14-minute segment included an interview with radio host Tammy Bruce, who was slated to emcee the April 4th Tea Party rally in Santa Barbara, CA.

Birds on a wire…

Get a bird’s eye view of Tea Party locations across the United States on this Google Map, sponsored by Freedom The satellite view is constantly updated with the latest info and shows you exactly where more than 500 events will be held from sea to shining sea.

“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away…”

Fifty-eight years ago this week, President Harry S. Truman dismissed General Douglas MacArthur as commander of United Nations and U.S. forces in the Far East after disagreements over foreign policy in Korea. The move shocked the American public and angered Republican politicians who revered MacArthur as a distinguished soldier and leader.

In a broadcast to the nation, Truman acknowledged MacArthur was one of America’s greatest military commanders, but added: “The cause of world peace is more important than any individual,” referring to MacArthur’s call for an attack on China itself unless Communist forces laid down their arms in Korea.

MacArthur had the last word in a stirring and patriotic address he gave to Congress, during which he heralded America’s fighting sons in Korea, “They have done their best there, and I can report to you without reservation that they are splendid in every way.” He closed with these immortal words: “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”

The MacArthur four-building memorial is located in Norfolk, Va.

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