God gave us free will and we used it to turn against Him. And now we are experiencing the consequences. We watch them on the news every night: The bankrupting of America. Government takeover and global control. The disintegration of life and marriage.

It’s ironic that the candidate who most talked about “hope” would be the very one that leaves so many hopeless. This is compounded by the media’s message that “all is lost” and that “you are alone in your dissent.”

You are not. There is a remnant. We just need to find them.

Elijah felt alone, too. When he heard the evening news that there was a price on his head, he felt like running away. Sure, he had seen God do some miraculous things in his life, but exhausted, hungry and alone, Elijah, too, wanted to call it quits.

That’s about the time God told him (in 1 Kings 19) that there were 7,000 who had not bowed the knee to the false god Baal. They just weren’t very visible hiding out in caves.

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You are not alone, either. And now there’s a way to find those who stand with us. Today, we at Faith2Action are launching a brand new website at: www.f2a.org. Listed on the site are more than 700 national and state organizations that stand for life, liberty and the family. And you can find them easily no matter what issue matters most to you.

These are groups that are standing up to the assault on all we hold dear and organizing a resistance to fight in the war for our future. This is not only a site to connect to those on the front lines, but it is also a place to meet with them through conference calls, Web conferences and strategy sessions to join in the battle and take our nation back.

It helps to know that we’ve been here before. Not only with biblical leaders like Elijah, but people like our Founding Fathers. Our nation’s founders faced massive taxation just like us. They are the inspiration for the thousands of tea parties happening all across America this week. Many think nothing will come if it – but that’s what some said about that first tea party: What difference can 200 guys dressed up like Indians make against the largest army in the world?

It was impossible for George Washington and his army to take on the world’s most powerful nation and win. But, but the Grace of God, they did.

Winston Churchill faced fascism, too. And even when he stood alone, he never gave up. And because he stood, we now stand in freedom.

Ronald Reagan faced communism and called it what it was: evil. He told Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall. Impossible. Laughable. But we all know what happened. Freedom triumphed over communism. It can again.

We’ve been up against impossible odds before. And we’re up against the very same battles. Taxed on more than our tea, we’re fighting fascism, socialism and communism all wrapped up in the New World Order Global Government.

While that first tea party was to protest taxation without representation, we actually elected the people who are trying to steal our freedom and our future. Yes, elections have dire consequences, but, despite our trillions that have just been taken from us to fund voting fraud by the likes of ACORN, we still have elections. We still have elections – next year. That means, as of right now, we still have the freedom to take America back.

Take a minute and remember our past with the video clips of Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill at www.f2a.org. Then, take a look at the 700 national and state groups that have not bowed the knee to Baal in America. Join with them and put your faith to action. And pray for God’s mercy, unity, and the strength and grace to repeat history and take it back once again.

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