They came on foot, by car, on Harleys. Some were assisted by metal walkers, others pushed in strollers. They also came from divergent political parties. Some love Barack Obama, some not so much. They carried signs, chanted, laughed and listened.

But they had one message: America has had enough of big government.

I have been around the block a few times when it comes to political activism. I’ve seen the worst from anti-American punks dressed in Pepto Bismol-colored skirts and orange jumpsuits. On Wednesday, I saw the best of America, and I recognize her from her roots. Yes, I’ll dare say it: The tea parties that took the country on Wednesday came from the roots of America’s founding, despite what the lying, pooh-poohing, dismissive, out-of-touch mainstream media reported.

Did you see the ranting of the CNN newsbabe as she failed to report on one tea party and instead resorted to a liberal lashing that only radicals would call real news. Here’s video of CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen while covering a Chicago tea party.

Supply-side economics’ father warns of the debilitating consequences of higher taxes in “The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy – if We Let it Happen”

Frankly, if CNN had any news judgment and even wanted to pretend to be objective, editors might want to fire Roesgen and hand her over to MSNBC where she could foam and bark with Keith Olbermann.

Liberals were all for Cindy Sheehan protesting (actually sleeping in a hotel room and getting foot rubs) in Crawford, Texas. But they just hated to see true Americans giving big government the middle finger. I hate to give these nobodies attention, but you really need to look at some of the dribble coming from bloggers and the MSM.

“It is an idea unworthy of even Ronald Reagan at his most senile: Protest against what you perceive to be an oppressive government by gathering in a public place and waving tea bags,” a lefty wrote.

(Notice how liberals are so compassionate to President Reagan, who died after struggling with Alzheimer’s. They are the heartless, clueless and drooling followers of their ONE, Barack Obama.)

The left were emboldened with the election of their leader, Obama. But on Wednesday during the tea parties I attended, I heard outcry from Obama voters who are scared at the direction he is herding his sheeple. I heard from the elderly and the young. Most had never come to a protest before – and I didn’t see a wild-eyed radical among the throngs of people who gathered.

I was in San Francisco, the belly of the leftist beast. Thousands showed up to stand for freedom. Why is this so offensive to the left? Because socialists and their brothers don’t believe in freedom. They want the government to take our money, our private property, our guns, and then dish out the cash as the government sees fit. As Obama himself said during his campaign: They want to redistribute wealth.

Now let me address this cockamamie idea that what happened this week from coast to coast was created by the Republicans or Fox News.

I followed the tea parties along with my friend, Michelle Malkin, from the beginning. It started with a protest here and a protest there. Bloggers stepped in and the word began to spread among people who felt the same thing: There is something wrong in America. It didn’t just start with this current administration. It began rearing its ugly head years ago.

But like the movement against slavery in this country, the word grew. And the feeling of unease wouldn’t go away. More and more Americans stepped up and said “no.”

Then the singular cries turned into a battle cry. And, finally, Americans stood up. They would not fear the mainstream media, who mocked them. They would not fear the government, which calls them right-wing radicals. They would not fear the freaks on the left who promised to intimidate.

As I walked across the street toward the federal building in San Francisco, I spoke with a woman who the day before had just completed radiation therapy for her breast cancer. But she was not going to let that stop her from expressing outrage over the direction this country is headed, including socialized medicine.

Anybody who believes, who says or writes that what happened on April 15, 2009, was a right-wing conspiracy or a gathering generated from the GOP gives the Republican Party too much credit. It couldn’t put together a tea party for two. An estimated 250,000 protesters came out on Wednesday.

Just look at the presidential campaign and ask yourself: Could these bumbling fools get grandmas and grandchildren to march together for freedom? The Republicans couldn’t even get Americans to stop supporting a socialist.

The tea parties were just a start. We will not rest until the government is back in the hands of the people, and run for the people.

We won’t back down, and our battle cry is “freedom.” Go to to continue our work.

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