If you’ve had trouble finding American-made kitchen cutlery, utensils, bakeware and other accessories at retail stores, maybe you should try shopping online instead.

And perhaps the first place you should go to is RadaCutlery.com. Rada Manufacturing Co. is American owned, based in Waverly, Iowa, and proudly makes all of its products in the United States.

Rada has been making fine kitchen knives and utensils since 1948, and all of its products come with a lifetime guarantee. The cutlery is made of surgical-quality, high-carbon stainless steel, and their environmentally-friendly, cast solid, satin finish aluminum handles make them comfortable and easy to use.

Browse Rada Cutlery to find paring knives, steak knives, bread knives, meat lovers’ knives, cheese knives, carving forks and ham slicers. And if you’re concerned about keeping your cutlery super sharp, the company offers an American-made knife sharpener as well.

But we aren’t just talking knives here. Other utensils include vegetable peelers, party spreaders, ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, spatulas, and food choppers. Would you like your knives organized together rather than ordering them individually? Then take a look at Rada Cutlery’s Oak Block Sets. Rada Cutlery also offers American-made stoneware too, including pie plates, loaf pans, rectangular bakers and baking stones.

I have personally ordered several items from Rada Cutlery over the years (I still need to get one of those pizza cutters) including one of their oak block sets, and everything I bought works just as well as it did when it was new.

By doing business with companies like Rada, you’ll be diversifying your dollars away from the big box retailers and into the hands of smaller businesses that make America work by keeping Americans working. We should make an extra effort to support smaller companies that employ Americans out of the sheer pride they feel from making their wares in the United States.

The reason we usually don’t see the products of these smaller companies in retail stores is because they often don’t have the “corporate horsepower” to attract retailers’ attention – nor can they sell their products at rock-bottom prices that retailers demand to satisfy their need (or sometimes greed) for increasingly-higher profit margins.

This is at least part of the reason patriotic consumers have trouble finding American-made goods in retail stores. Consider the squabbles a few years back between America’s domestic furniture manufacturers and America’s furniture retailers.

Import tariffs were levied against Chinese bedroom furniture pieces to help protect domestic producers, and big furniture retailer chains like Rooms To Go fought it all the way since selling cheaper Chinese furniture means higher profits for them.

Along that line, one furniture store that deserves a look because 100 percent of its furniture is made in USA is Home Furniture.

I bought a beautiful American-made dinette set, a curio cabinet and a coffee table from there last year. If you thought quality furniture wasn’t made in the United States anymore, check out Home Furniture’s long list of American-made suppliers.

Anyway, the fury over furniture led to laughable rhetoric by big furniture retailers who could care less if American manufacturing workers move from assembly lines to unemployment lines, including claims that import tariffs interfered with their “constitutional right to import.”

Luckily that attempt to read (or write) something into our U.S Constitution that isn’t there was promptly dismissed by a judge.

You can order from Rada Cutlery online at their storefront or give them a call at 1-800-311-9691 or 1-319-352-0770.


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