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Pelosi – the voice of contempt

Any doubt about the condescending arrogance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her ilk was laid to rest when she attacked the tea parties as being initiatives “funded by the high-end, we call it Astroturf – it’s not really a grass-roots movement – its Astroturf by some of the wealthiest people in America to keep the focus on tax cuts for the rich, instead for the great middle class.”

The Obama White House said those attending the tea parties were either disaffected, bitter Republicans, or voters acting out of frustration. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano characterized military veterans and the types of Americans attending tea party events as right-wing extremists and warned that said extremists (i.e., anyone that dares disagree with Obama policies) would use the bad economy and the election of a black man as president to recruit members. Government officials fomenting the agitprop that the rich white boogeyman is out to get you shows how far those in government are willing to go to increase their control over our rights, liberties and pursuits of happiness.

Americans are angry. Americans are disaffected, and voters are darn sure frustrated. Pelosi, et al., attempting to paint this as a wild-eyed Republican maneuver controlled by rich white Republicans is a lie as asphyxiating as the flatulence that passes from Pelosi’s mouth under the guise of verbiage.

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I not only attended a tea party, I watched them develop and take root. I can assure the White House and Pelosi that those in attendance were of all political persuasions. I can assure Napolitano that we are angry, and we are recruiting members. But unlike the domestic terrorist group Earth Liberation Front and Timothy McVeigh, whom Napolitano and others try to portray as an angry right-winger, we won’t be burning SUVs or blowing up buildings. We will be organizing to make sure Pelosi and as many of her closest friends in Congress as possible lose their jobs in upcoming elections. We are recruiting members to make sure that in 2012, it won’t matter whether the new president is black, white, male or female – it will matter only that same isn’t a foreign-born with lingering questions pursuant to his citizenship eligibility, who shows more respect for a Saudi king than he does our Constitution, and whose staff won’t demand the name of Jesus be covered before he/she speaks.

Pelosi’s comments sprang from the mouth of the woman who advocates abortion as a means of contraception to ease the financial constraints on our communities. Her comments are designed to divide, and Napolitano’s comments are intended to signal the White House’s willingness to use any means necessary to blunt public disagreement of Obama policies.

The line in the sand has been drawn – the pressing issue for those of us, from every political persuasion, who are fighting back is: What do we do next? We turned out by the hundreds of thousands across the nation – but what now? What now is that we stay disgusted, determined and focused. Our enemy is worried because they know that if we do, they are in trouble.

They have insulted us as extremists, while Pelosi and the mainstream media referred to the illegal aliens that attempted to disrupt our economy by staging nationwide job walkouts as patriots.

We cannot afford to forget or relent. We have their attention and we must keep it. We must campaign to rid Congress of those who so freely spit in our faces, regardless of their party affiliation.

This isn’t about Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent – it is about those of us who collectively have had enough of the wasteful spending and taxation. It is about those of us who are outraged over the debt that is being passed on to our children and grandchildren. It is about those of us who refuse to have foreign courts tell Americans in Kansas, Iowa or Kentucky what they can do with their land. We may not agree on every political issue – but the tea parties are showing that we are united on those crucial issues.

Pelosi and company have shown, with unambiguous contempt, their opinion of we the people, who are responsible for their lofty perches. In the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party of 1773, the king and Parliament also showed such contempt for the Colonists, against the advice of Edmund Burke and Lord Chatham. The result was that those who initially had been ambivalent toward Massachusetts then turned their sympathy toward same and aligned themselves with that Colony – which led to the summoning of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, in September 1774. The rest, as they say, “is history.”

If Pelosi, the White House, Napolitano and their minions continue to insult and disrespect us – we will witness the convening of a modern-day Continental Congress designed to relieve us of their tyranny.