Today, I want to apologize for my fellow Marin County resident, Sean Penn. He appears to be off his meds (or on too many) and went on a rant that is common among too many pompous millionaire actors who confuse their vast sums of money with their ability for critical thinking.

I hate to bring any serious attention to Penn, who is famous and wealthy because he is good at acting like a stoner (“Fast Times at Ridgemont High”), a thug (“Bad Boys”) and a drug dealer (“The Falcon and the Snowman”). Given his much-publicized penchant for violence, I wonder how much “acting” he really does when he plays these parts. But Penn’s rant needs attention because others who confuse celebrity with intellect might believe his socialist/commie rubbish.

Sean penned his latest blather, pretending to be a serious commentator, this week. It was posted at the Huffington Post, where the world’s leftist vipers go to spew their inane ideas that are fit for a rubber room in which their favorite dictators (Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and the Castro brothers) are housed.

In his article, “Smiles for Smirks,” Penn attacks anybody who thought it was a bad idea for the president of the United States, Barack Obama, to buddy around with a murderous dictator such as Hugo Chavez. (Count me guilty!) For the record, many of us knew that Obama would hang out with the world’s thugs because he already had a record of chumming around with domestic terrorist, Billy Ayers, who may still face the music for the terror that his Weather Underground unleashed on America.

“Further, the criticisms of President Obama’s warm greeting toward President Chavez of Venezuela have been the posturing of our nation’s most bitter and humanly impotent voices. Why is anyone listening to former Vice President Cheney?” Penn wrote. “He’s the one person alive proven wrong on virtually every topic.”

Sean, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you should kiss Cheney’s feet for keeping you and your family safe – yes even your America-hating friends. I also hate to tell you that acting is for entertainment, and politics is for big boys who know a thing or two about the world. You’re an actor. Cheney has given his life to public service. People elected him over and over again in Democratic contests. People just paid to watch you act like a “gay” politician. Get the difference?

Penn continued: “Then there’s Newt Gingrich, who commented on the Chavez greeting as being approached wrong. He suggested that the meeting itself may not be improper, but that it should have been handled with a cold demeanor. This is a pattern of bad acting advice from bad actors. (All wimps think playing a tough guy is done in one-note coldness.)”

As I said above, Sean: The world is not run by actors, despite what your acting coaches told you. You were in red diapers when Gingrich and Cheney began working for the people. You are not a seasoned diplomat because you are friends with Hugo Chavez, who was buddies with Saddam Hussein and other murderous dictators. Chavez’s government is moving toward his anti-Semitic buddies in the Middle East.

“I know President Chavez well. Whether or not one agrees with all his policies, what is certainly true of Chavez is that he is a warm and friendly man with a robust sense of humor (who daily risks his own life for his country in ways Dick Cheney could never imagine),” Penn wrote.

Agree with his policies? Which ones? Government intimidation of his domestic opponents? Anti-Semitism? Sean, it’s not funny to befriend folks like Iran’s president who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. What do you and Hugo laugh about with his “robust sense of humor?” Do you talk about how he demeans Jews? Is he “warm and friendly” when he castigates America?

“To treat such a man coldly is akin to spitting on him. As a country we’ve done enough of that,” Penn wrote.

Sean, since when have you and your leftist ilk started worrying about spitting on people? Not during the Vietnam War, when radicals like you spat on returning troops. And definitely not last year, when I personally witnessed leftists spitting and cursing veterans. I’m glad you are ready to lead your “people” out of the spitting age. Maybe you can do a movie about it: “The Day the Left Grew Up.”

I again apologize to the world for Penn’s idiocy and his puffed up ego that makes him think anybody cares about his diatribes. I am sorry because I think I must have paid to see a movie of his, and I contributed to his delusions of grandeur.

As one neighbor to another, Sean, shut up and act.

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