Diversion by design? Look over here, not over there.

While everyone’s attention was being focused by the Obama administration and the media on the “possible pandemic” of swine flu virus, Nancy Thorner at American Thinker swept back the curtain to reveal that Democrat congressional leaders and the White House spent “the weekend hammering out final details of the proposed $3.5 trillion FY 2010 budget bill, with no Republican input, in a push toward final approval of the 2010 budget proposal by Wednesday.”

A curious coincidence that the media stayed focused on the swine flu “epidemic,” but barely a mention about a $1.2 trillion dollar health care budget contained within the overall package?

Thorner wrote: “Because health care is one of the big drivers of government spending in Obama’s budget – nationalized health care for Democrats has been a dream since FDR – Democrats have decided to use a process called “reconciliation” to pass the budget bill in the Senate, (reconciliation waives the need for a super majority vote of 60; a majority vote will do) so there is no chance that Republicans will be able to derail the bill. Also distressing is that debate will be limited without the possibility of amendments. This sounds like a power grab to me.”

Flying fingers were all a-twitter about the swine flu

How to trace swine flu online. This resource guide will help you better track not only cases of swine flu, but other public health concerns as well.

Twit Power Search revealed that the twitter top current trend on Sunday was swine flu. Find out what it is now.

Google maps reported swine flu outbreaks all over the world.

Afghanistan ramping up

Since the election, the focus for most has been on domestic issues: the economy, jobs, taxes, etc. But our military is still engaged with the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is winding down but Afghanistan is ramping up with no end in sight.

Even though the mainstream media have turned their primary coverage to domestic issues, milbloggers haven’t and never have. The hottest sites on the Internet – Blackfive, Mudville Gazette, and A Soldier’s Perspective, for example, have never slowed their coverage of our fighting men and women in harm’s way. Their blogrolls link to many more of the Internet’s best military bloggers who are becoming more recognized and influential in Washington, D.C.

Milblog conference

Military bloggers met in the D.C. area last weekend for the 2009 Annual Milblog Conference. Blogger CJ Grisham was among a select group invited to the White House to meet with members of the president’s National Security Council and later, to the Pentagon where they met with senior public affairs officials of each military branch.

Grisham was there and talks about the visits on his radio program You Served
and at his website.

Grisham noted that the last time milbloggers were invited to the White House, they met and sat with President George W. Bush,
who spent an hour answering their questions,
giving them a tour of the Oval Office and posing for photos. Grisham notes that during this year’s visit, though the meeting was very productive, the president was not available.

Twitter for charity

Milblogger Laughing Wolf at
Blackfive.net tweeted for a deserving charity to receive $100k from a Hollywood actor. Laughing Wolf updated his post with the winner of the $100k.

“The world is abuzz over Twitter, and I am pushing a chance for a deserving charity to receive $100,000.00 from actor Hugh Jackman… (who) is using Twitter to hold a contest to determine which charity gets the funds. The twist is you have to name the charity and say why they deserve it in 140 characters/spaces. The best such effort will win the money for a lucky and deserving charity.”

This week in history…

In 1961, Cuba’s prime minister, Fidel Castro, proclaimed Cuba a socialist nation and abolished elections.

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans attended a May Day parade in the capital of Havana and roared with approval when their leader announced: “The revolution has no time for elections. There is no more democratic government in Latin America than the revolutionary government.”

Castro also announced that foreign Roman Catholic priests would be expelled and all Roman Catholic and private schools would be nationalized.

The days that followed saw thousands of anti-Castro rebels confined in makeshift prisons and at least 600 executed. The Cuban secret service still is interrogating possible “counter-revolutionaries.”

One wonders why President Obama wants to have closer relations with this man and his regime.

Other events in history: Saigon surrendered in 1975 and Germany announced to the world that Hitler was dead.

Rejecting the Creator

Jamie Glazov, author of WND Books newly released “United In Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror,” says leftists share something in common – they generally reject the concept of a divine creator.

“Because they reject a perfect higher being, they make themselves gods,” Glazov explained. “They are the self-appointed social redeemers of the earth and they get to decide who is saved and who is damned. … They think they can reshape man and when it doesn’t work they just get rid of them.”

Glazov, born in the Soviet Union into a monstrous regime that massacred its people, escaped to the United States while just a young boy. He explained why the Left loves totalitarian ideologies from Marxism to radical Islam during The Andrea Shea King Show last Monday evening.

Free speech

Author Brad O’Leary says, “We’ve lost free speech and we continue to lose it in many ways.” In an interview last Tuesday on my radio program,
O’Leary, author of “Shut Up America, The End of Free Speech,” said that after talk radio, the next most likely target by the Left to muzzle free speech will be the Internet, because it is the venue where ideology that competes with the left-wing is most successful, and flourishing.

Purchase a featured book at WND books and get three free issues of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine.

March of millions?

You’ve heard of the Million Man March? Well, April 15th was the Million Man, Woman, and Child March, with total attendance at the nationwide tea parties at between one million to 1.2 million, according to some estimates. And it’s already looking like Independence Day events to be themed “Repeal the Pork, Learn the Constitution!,” will be even bigger.

A very enthused Tea Party coordinator gave us exclusive breaking news on my radio program last Friday night.

Michael Patrick Leahy of Top Conservatives on Twitter and Pajamas Media TV announced, “The folks in Dallas have a fabulous plan that might be the centerpiece for all the tea parties nationwide. They’re consolidating all 14 tea parties that were held April 15th in one venue, and they’re trying to get the new Cowboy Stadium… They think they’re going to get 50,000 people. They plan a gigantic, eight-to-10 hour, full day extravaganza done big, Texas style! Almost sort of a pageant of America history!

The plan is to plug in live using Internet technology with some 20 other tea parties across America, which will focus on key elements of American history or the Constitution, including a live reading of the Declaration of Independence to be broadcast from the top of Mount Independence in Vermont, overlooking Ft. Ticonderoga.

Responding to allegations that the Republican Party was behind the nationwide grass-roots gatherings, Leahy said, “We have no generals in the tea party movement. We’re rapid response artillery specialists who can move at a moment’s notice to destroy these spending targets in our way. It’s really an ecosystem of millions of individuals across the country who believe that we will never and should never become a socialist state, that we are a republic of individuals and that we should have limited governance and individual freedom and liberty.” You can join the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition by signing up here. Leahy said the Tea Party movement would next look at a proposed federalism amendment, inspired by an op-ed by Prof. Randy Barnett.

Read the WSJ op-ed piece that started it all.

Tea party news

Which network provided the most hostile coverage of the Tax Day Tea Parties? Which one downplayed the events? Which one was the worst and most over-the-top?

Newsbusters, a project of the Media Research Center, took a critical look at the coverage by MSM TV of Tax Day Tea Parties across America.

Misery Index

During his presidential campaign against Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter often referred to the Misery Index, saying no man responsible for giving a country a misery index that high had a right to be president. The misery index that summer was 13.57%. Carter won the election in 1976, but the misery index came back to haunt him in 1980, with an all-time high of 21.98%. How miserable were we? How miserable are we now? Take a look.

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