Truth is the new hate speech. And homosexual activists are laying the groundwork for their own demise.

No kidding. The “hate crimes” bill, H.R. 1913, which passed out of the House Judiciary Committee last week, is aimed at silencing speech. This thought crimes bill is scheduled for a vote on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives tomorrow, and when you pair it with existing law (found in Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code), it will unmistakably criminalize speech.

It specifically targets anyone who dissents to the homosexual agenda as aiding in the commission of a crime, making them “punishable as a principal.” If you care about free speech or the ability to read the Bible in anything other than hushed tones, you had better call your U.S. representative today to block it: 202-224-3121.

Otherwise, we all face a fate similar to that of Mr. Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament, who knows first hand what these speech-limiting laws can do. Wilders is indicted in his own country for speaking the truth. I spoke at a dinner honoring him yesterday in Boca Raton, Fla., and featured him as a guest on the radio yesterday. Wilders has been indicted for “hate speech” in the Netherlands for the “crime” of making a film that exposes the truth about Islamic jihad. Wilders was denied admission into the United Kingdom because of it. I recommend his 17-minute film, called FITNA, to everyone who cares about freedom.

“Speechless: Silencing the Christians,” by Don Wildmon, lays out determined strategy of coalition of liberal secularists, homosexual activists and Fortune 500 companies

You see, these people, whom the Department of Homeland Security are so worried about offending, don’t just want to destroy Jews and Christians. They are calling for the death of all non-Muslims in their fascist plan to dominate the world.

And to the homosexual community so anxious to criminalize speech? Here’s what you may not know: Topping the Islamic jihadists’ target list are … homosexuals. That’s right. If you think “hate” is disagreeing with you, you’d better think again. When you watch the film, you can read the headlines, including: “Imam legalizes violence against gays,” and Islamist headlines like “Throw gays from tall buildings.” This is not what Christians are saying. This is not what Christians believe. No, Christians are the ones standing against this kind of thing – and are being targeted for it.

Unlike in the United States, where laws protecting everyone – including homosexuals – are in place and remain unchallenged, laws like H.R. 1913 that limit speech are harmful to everyone.

You see, those are the kind of laws that are being used to target people like Geert Wilders. The Islamic jihandists linked to al-Qaida have put a price on his head. Those are the same people our Department of Homeland Security refuses to acknowledge. They won’t mention the word jihad even though that’s the word those who are working for our destruction, themselves, use.

No, instead, they are calling law-abiding American citizens “the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States.” Conservatives are the New Terrorists. According to their “Rightwing Extremism” report, among those stigmatized as extremists and potential terrorists are: Iraq war veterans, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, pro-lifers, constitutionalists (those who believe in federalism) and immigration-reform advocates seeking to secure our borders.

Not content with slander, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is calling for domestic spying on opponents of the Obama administration.

Here’s the good news: An ad campaign sponsored by nearly 20 organizations, is demanding Napolitano’s immediate removal as secretary of DHS, along with a sincere apology from President Obama for the damage done to the reputations of those smeared by the report, along with its immediate retraction.

The ad includes pictures of George Washington, Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan and Pope Benedict XVI – all “right-wing extremists,” according to Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security.

The ad is sponsored by a coalition of organizations including the American Family Association, Religious Freedom Coalition, Let Freedom Ring, United States Justice Foundation, Vision America and Faith2Action, among others. It is running in this week’s Washington Times Weekly and in tomorrow’s Washington Times daily edition.

If you don’t want to be targeted as a potential terrorist, monitored, investigated and searched as individuals in Missouri experienced for the “crime” of displaying pro-family bumper stickers on their car, you need to act now. On the website, you can help us run more adds like this, and add your name to a petition calling for the resignation of Napolitano and the retraction of this appalling report.

Keep in mind this report targets the majority of Americans who also favor traditional marriage.

No, truth is not hate speech. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who said she agrees with the majority in California who voted for marriage between one man and one woman, was hatefully attacked. The homosexual activist judge engaged in venomous name calling, giving the beautiful woman a “zero,” costing her the Miss USA crown. I assume his curse words would apply to the majority of voters in the state of California and to the 30 out of 30 states where traditional marriage was overwhelmingly defended by state ballot measures.

But far more significant than any crown, it’s our freedom of speech that is at stake. And to the homosexual community I respectfully say: Disagreeing with you is not hate. If you want to see what hate really is, keep criminalizing speech and you’ll read the headlines like Geert Wilders reports from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. See what happens when those who hate all of us are given free reign and when all opposition is declared illegal just like the hate speech laws you’re working to pass.

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