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Janeane Garofalo: Spokes-idiot for the far left

Editor’s note: Parts of the following column make explicit references to graphic sex practices and will be objectionable to some readers. It is not suitable for children.

I’m a bit perplexed as to whether or not I should be offended over being called a scrotum-sucking redneck by the ever-unaware comic and far-left activist Janeane Garofalo. The term she used, “tea-bagging,” is, as we now know, slang for scrotum sucking, reportedly a practice of gay men. While we are no longer allowed to criticize the proclivities of gays, for the record there are those who allegedly enjoy the aforementioned activity.

As far as the context in which Ms. Garofalo employed the term, it was of course meant to be insulting, which leads one to question what her appraisal of gay men might be, or if she was simply using it generically, as one might apply the vulgar slang for, say, someone (male or female) who performs fellatio.

This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism, straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks. And there is no way around that. …

– Janeane Garofalo

Ms. Garofalo applied this accusation of scrotolingus to people who attended the April 15 anti-spending tea parties. Since I was present at one of these in the city in which I reside, does this make me a scrotum-sucking, racist redneck as well? I won’t dignify the first half of the accusation with an answer, but since I am black, how do I qualify as a racist redneck?

The answers to these questions are somewhat self-evident, if this hasn’t occurred to you by now. The purulent lexicon of the corpulent Miz G and her vacuous comrades is replete with more relational invective for people like me. As for the rest of the tea party attendees – which included Americans of every ethnic background – I imagine that, given sufficient time, she would have gotten around to applying more specific slurs to them.

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Certainly, it is well within this woman’s rights to speak her mind despite being appallingly ignorant and ill-bred. It then becomes the civic duty of one such as myself to call attention to these defects – more especially because, as an entertainer, she is given immediate and unequivocal credibility by the establishment press.

It is likely that part of what gave Ms. Garofalo perceived license to use that sort of language came from CNN’s openly gay anchor, Anderson Cooper, having done so a week before. That incident, in addition to being equally foul and torpedoing what vestiges of credibility his network then possessed, was moronic on its face. It was somewhat like me accusing someone of being “a commentary-writing, public speaking thus-and-such” by way of insulting them. Honestly: Who is more likely to engage in “tea bagging” anyway – Anderson Cooper or the average tea party-goer?

These occurrences are, as many will tell you, a prime example of projection on the part of the far left: They accuse their opposition of being racists, haters, homophobes, xenophobic and so forth, yet they are the ones who are most often demonstrably so. I would wager – given the makeup of the people at the tea parties – that most would have either been amused or horrified by Garofalo’s tirade. Those amused would have expected it. Others would have been horrified that such a crude little creature would be given a forum at all.

All of this is leaving aside the fact that Garofalo’s diatribe – like Cooper’s commentary – was abject stupidity: She maintained that those attending the tea parties were anti-Obama racists, when nothing could be further from the truth. Speakers the nation over iterated time and again that Obama was not the issue; many called former President Bush to task for the same offenses being committed by the Obama administration. The caliber of the crowd was uniformly middle class. Yet, this woman saw fit to run her meaty mouth in the vein of rednecks, racism and Obama, Obama, Obama. She had no premise.

To many of us, it’s no surprise that the likes of Garofalo have, like poorly-raised junior high-schoolers, descended into the faddish, giggling potty language of the gay subculture. So much the better for them (in their quest to debase America) if such speech comes into common use.

What really needs to be taken away from this is a lesson the far left has learned well: Nuggets such as these need to be glommed onto and hammered home without mercy. They might well prove to be invaluable in the effort toward educating those Americans who don’t know what they’re supporting when they throw in with far left politicians, or when they pay heed to the mouthings of dullards like Garofalo simply because they’re entertainers.

Keeping our fellow Americans informed when our government, our schools, the press and our entertainment industry are dedicated to propaganda and disinformation is probably the hardest job that conscientious, morally grounded Americans will have in the years ahead. It is no longer an option, however – it is an imperative.