On Monday, President Obama summoned representatives of the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies and labor groups to the White House for what he called “a watershed event in the long and elusive quest for health-care reform.”

“They’re not the people who are actually delivering care and researching the products and running the hospitals,” according to Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute.

“They want a seat at the table,” she continued. “Nobody wants to be the turkey that gets carved up.”

She spoke with Greg Corombos of Radio America/WND. The audio of the exchange is embedded here:

“There really is general agreement that there are serious problems in our health sector that we need to address.” said Turner.

Obama says his reform plans will save this country $2 trillion in health-care costs over the next decade.

Turner adds: “Where’s the beef? What new idea has anybody offered that’s actually going to make this possible?”

Under Obama’s plan, an estimated 119 million Americans would shift from private coverage to the government plan and put America on the path toward a completely government-run health-care system.

“Many, if not most of whom, would not do this voluntarily, basically their employers would dump them into this new government plan,” contends Turner.

“Private health insurance would vanish.”

And Turner points out the president can’t promise Americans would be able to keep their private insurance “if private health insurance companies go out of business because the government has taken over.”

“When Medicare was created in 1965, the great majority of seniors had private health insurance at the time, we didn’t have Medicare,” she continued.

“Medicare quickly replaced all of that private health insurance.”

According to Turner, the Obama plan will also lead to “fewer smart students coming into medicine” and force more practicing physicians to leave the field.

“We’re really close to the margin of losing quality hospitals, quality clinics, quality physicians, and if we have a government-payment system, where government is dictating the prices, then we’re going to all wind up with much inferior-quality health-care in this country.”

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