Quick! List the Ten Commandments in order! You’ve got 20 seconds!

Did you stumble already?

A self-made millionaire believes that Christians in America who for so many generations have benefitted from a society based on those laws should be able to recite them, and is wondering why they – generally – cannot.

So Darrel Rundus, who is a successful business operator in the marketing field, is offering a prize of $20,000 that will be given to someone who can recite God’s laws in order in a limited time.

(The rules say they can be abbreviated, so “Do not lie” will qualify as a citation for the longer “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”)

The campaign has been launched on the Web under the Ten And Win address linked here, and Rundus has posted a video there and on YouTube announcing the prize.

The video is embedded here:

Rundus told WND he was distressed that Americans readily can tick off a list of 10 stores, 10 sports teams – even 10 beers, but there’s a collective “Uhmmm” when those same people are asked to cite the Ten Commandments.

To change that, he said, he and his wife decided to do “something a little crazy.”

They are taking $20,000 of their own money and posting it as a prize that either will be dispatched via casher’s check or wire transfer to the first person who, on Monday, Oct. 26, answers his random telephone calls and can recite the Ten Commandments in order in 20 seconds or less.

Certainly, it’s possible. Rundus has posted a video that not only explains a series of quick hints and tips to memorize the laws, but shows a child accomplishing the task.

That video demonstration, along with the instructions for the memory hints, is embedded here:

“As a Christian I’m honestly and genuinely intrigued that by the approximate 85 percent of the people around the world today who say they believe in God, but when I asked hundreds of them to name the Ten Commandments, they couldn’t do it,” he said.

“You’re putting me on the spot,” was one of the responses he got.

From a child, it was, “We go to church every Sunday and I don’t know these.”

There’s a signup procedure on the Ten And Win website. Rundus said it will be from those who enter the competition via the website that names and telephone numbers will be selected randomly.

The calls will continue until there’s one winner, he said.

Rundus is founder and owner of the world’s largest circulation marketing firm and previously has worked with evangelist Ray Comfort and actor Kirk Cameron, who run The Way of the Master ministries.

Rundus said while the door remains open to running a future competition, for now there will be one challenge, one prize and one winner.

Rundus told WND his goal is very simple, to encourage people to learn the laws on which the United States was founded, and therefore be able knowledgeably to hold policymakers to those higher standards.


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