Truth is the best defense.

~ Legal aphorism

Out of the 250-plus replies I received regarding my recent article, “The Savage silence of the lambs,” and the radio interview Dr. Savage did of me, about half of the respondents took up my challenge to answer the rhetorical question: “Why have virtually the entire conservative and liberal media so hardened their hearts and closed their bowels of compassion against this magnificent conservative intellectual, Michael Savage?”

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Here is a summary of their various replies to my challenge:

  • The reason why Fox News, Rush, Hannity, conservative talk radio and the mainstream media daily ignores the work of Michael Savage is because he calls them names all the time.

  • Savage has mocking epithets for all the big-named conservative talk show hosts: “Hush Bimbo,” “the golfer” (Rush Limbaugh), “the wall-banger” (Sean Hannity), “the leprechaun” (Bill O’Reilly), “the hemorrhoid with ears” (Glenn Beck), etc.
  • Because of Savage’s ad hominem attacks against the GOP, the liberal mainstream media and conservative talk-show hosts, they are having their revenge by ignoring him during his hour of need. Michael is now reaping what he sowed.

While admittedly these criticisms hold some merit, in the main I consider all these arguments to be ultimately illogical and sophistic. Here’s why. One of my many erudite readers, Chris Provenzano of Chicago, offered his rationale regarding Jacqui Smith, the British home secretary, having slanderously and libelously attacked Michael Savage in early May when England blacklisted Savage and placed him on a banned list with 16 of the most murderous terrorists in the world.

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Mr. Provenzano wrote:

All of those other so-called conservative commentators you listed are “bought and paid for,” and they all sing off the same sheet of music. On many occasions, Michael has called these people out for doing so, and obviously he bruised their egos. Since they lack the intellectual capacity to take on Michael when he does challenge them, what better satisfaction for them than to see him under attack from a foreign government?

I agree. These conservative commentators realize that Savage is head and shoulders above them intellectually, philosophically and spiritually. Because of their lack of inner truth and intellectual honesty, rather than learning from Dr. Savage or taking his criticisms of them to heart, they take the intellectually dishonest approach, put on their hypocrite’s hat and do the very things against Savage that they for 20 years have so incessantly and bitterly complained that the Democratic Party and the liberal mainstream media did to them – ignoring them, slandering them, libeling them, mocking them. It is shameless hypocrisy writ large!

Savage was specifically chosen for crucifixion over Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly because he, more than any other philosopher, politician, intellectual or media figure, gives America the brutal truth about the hijacking of their country by the fascist Manchurian Candidate, President B. Hussein Obama. Furthermore Savage, more effectively than anyone else I know passionately delineates what America must do to regain her “borders, language and culture.”

George Orwell once said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Because Savage tells the truth during times of universal deceit, he is considered a revolutionary – an epithet he embraces with delight. Furthermore, unlike Fox News, Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly, Savage was never in the tank for the Republican Party or the one-world socialism of Bush 41, Clinton or Bush 43, leading to the apotheosis of Obama. Neither did Savage behave as a de facto mouthpiece for the GOP as most conservative commentators did until the Bush recession of 2008 made that position untenable. On the contrary, since he first appeared on the radio 15 years ago, Savage raised hell against the corrupt, incompetent political class of Washington, D.C., writing five New York Times best-sellers as well.

I love the enduring words of Jesus Christ who wasn’t always a “man of peace.” Jesus, both at the beginning and the end of his ministry on earth, literally raised hell by going into the seat of Judaism, the Temple at Jerusalem, attacked the false religious leaders with a whip, overturned tables and drove the moneychangers from the holy Temple of God. In Luke 13:32, Jesus even called King Herod “that fox,” and in Matthew 16:22-23 told his best friend, his chief disciple, the Apostle Peter to “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Those certainly sound like ad hominem attacks to me.

Like it was with the iconoclast Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, so it is with the iconoclast Dr. Michael Savage in modern times; Savage lives by Veritas (truth) and he will die by Veritas. Yes, Jesus called names and wrecked the Temple to purify it. Yes, Savage oftentimes uses ad hominem attacks against other conservative radio hosts, against his ideological detractors and against the mainstream media and the political powerbrokers in Washington, D.C. In my book, that makes him a truly heroic figure in the tradition of an Elijah, Socrates, Richard the Lionhearted, Ronald Reagan or a Sen. Joseph McCarthy, not merely a bomb thrower.

I believe that history will one day judge this man, Michael Savage, and his entire oeuvre over the past 30 years, to be the singular genius that he is.

My suggestion to the GOP, the RNC, Fox News, Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, Scarborough, conservative think tanks and any member of the mainstream media that has a beef against Savage is to contact him, set up a time to appear on his show and air out your grievances – man to man, point by point, line by line, precept by precept. If you are able to prove Savage’s ad hominem attacks against you to be spurious or wrong, I assure you that Dr. Savage is a big enough man to apologize to your face and to his 10 million listeners.

In conclusion, regarding Savage’s ad hominem attacks, the great Greek philosopher Socrates would perhaps ask this dialectical question: Do these people or media entities have the courage and intellectual honesty to enter the crucible of the Savage Nation? I answer with the ancient legal rule of law – Res Ipsa Loquitur, the thing speaks for itself.

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