In a prior column I described the absurdity of the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a treaty that will very likely get ratified because Nancy Pelosi says so. After all, we can’t have dim parents having the final say in their children’s upbringing. It takes a village and all that.

And now we learn one more aspect of this charming treaty: guns.

Yes, guns. To put it bluntly, if you live in a community with children – and who doesn’t? – you shouldn’t have guns.

Allegedly the CRC’s justification is to keep kids from becoming child soldiers in third-world countries. No argument from me. Afghanistan could use some lessons in raising kids.

But if the U.S. ratifies the CRC, then we must accept the UN’s position to “believe, teach and promote the idea that all private gun ownership is dangerous for children, and children have the right to grow up in a community that is free from all guns” (emphasis added).

Excuse me? All guns? Private ownership? So kids shouldn’t play cops-and-robbers? They should be taught never to defend themselves? They should never want to become soldiers or warriors? Yes indeedy, I can just see it now. We’ll become a country of wimps. Or slaves.

In a UNICEF brochure entitled “No Guns Please, We Are Children,” we learn:

“Small arms and light weapons kill and disable more children and adults than any other instrument of violence in conflict and post-conflict situations and on the streets of cities worldwide. Every year, deaths linked to small arms and light weapons run into the hundreds of thousands, with those injured exceeding 1 million.”

No effort to distinguish how many of these victims are kids. No effort to distinguish between the streets of Kabul and the streets of Coeur d’Alene. No effort to explain that evil people are using those guns, not peaceable citizens – because the citizens have been forcibly deprived of their guns by the evil people.

“Small arms and light weapons cause profound physical and emotional damage,” states the brochure, “particularly to children, and affect their welfare.”

No, they don’t. Evil people do these things.

“In societies destabilized by the use of small arms and light weapons,” the brochure continues, “children are denied many of their human rights.”

Wrong again. Guns do not “destabilize” societies. Evil people do that, especially dictators exploiting vulnerable and disarmed citizens.

“In communities enjoying relative peace,” the brochure further asserts, “children witness and are traumatized by the use of small arms and light weapons in domestic violence and in disputes. Children also become accidental victims because adults fail to keep the weapons out of their reach.”

On the contrary, kids would be more traumatized if an adult didn’t have a gun to take out the jerk who’s doing the shooting. And true child gun-accident victims are statistically insignificant. Most “accident victims” are gang-related shootings involving minors.

This is classic liberal-think: guns are evil. People are good and pure. Therefore, if guns were banned, goodness and purity would abound and we’d have world peace and cosmic harmony and mystic crystal revelations. The Middle East would establish permanent tranquility. Criminals would become law-abiding citizens. Gangs would disappear. Pigs would fly.

The U.N. apparently cannot distinguish between the war-torn streets of Tehran and a country lane with a dad going pheasant shooting with his son. Nancy Pelosi cannot distinguish between the ethics of violent urban gang activity and a woman shooting a home intruder. Liberals cannot grasp that in otherwise civilized countries like England and Australia, where guns for all intents and purposes have been banned, the crime rate has skyrocketed because – all together now – only criminals have guns.

American children need a society with guns. The vast majority of gun-owners are responsible citizens who know guns are tools, not only to protect against a robber or to procure food, but also to keep our cancerous government in check. I have no doubts the reason Pelosi is pushing so hard to pass the CRC is because it’s a backdoor way to further emasculate us.

Before liberals start sputtering statistics about toddlers shooting themselves, please go back and re-read the word responsible. Responsible people don’t hand a toddler a loaded gun and tell him to have fun. Responsible parents teach their children the safe handling of firearms, and only by owning firearms will the bad guys stay away. And remember, there are just as many bad guys in the halls of Congress as there are on the gang-riddled streets of Chicago.

Nancy Pelosi and her ilk would prefer to have us be helpless citizen-slaves whose hands are almost literally tied behind our backs. She would have us become a country that cannot defend itself because its children were too “delicate” to be exposed to the only bleepin’ thing keeping our government from taking over.

The bleeding hearts tell us that “regulations are needed to ensure that [guns] are not easy to acquire and are never accessible to children.” They tell us that “governments must support communities in eliminating the insecurity, fear and instability that often lead people to acquire and keep guns.” They tell us that “efforts must be ongoing to overcome the destructive messages that small arms and light weapons are essential instruments for survival and protection in daily life.” They tell us that if guns are gone we’ll live in world peace and cosmic harmony and mystic crystal revelations.

This is why our current administration is so hot on ratifying the CRC. In addition to limiting the rights of parents, it’s a simple way to train children to think guns are evil. Such children never grow up to become soldiers and warriors – or worse, an armed citizenry. The government likes a passive population who is unable or unwilling to resist it. They prefer us to be dependent on them for our protection. What a tidy solution all wrapped up in one neat package!

To my way of thinking, it’s criminal NOT to teach our children the proper place of guns in our society. And in our hands.

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