The murder of the abortionist Tiller is being labeled as some kind of “fascist movement” in preparation for the left’s push on eliminating private gun ownership.

What fascinates me is that when a rational person tallies up the known, but ignored and/or unacknowledged facts in the cases, most if not all high-visibility assassinations and attempted assassinations have been done by leftists – NOT shooters of any right-wing political slant.

Let’s remember a few from our relatively recent history.

The most famous is Lee Harvey Oswald – pro-Cuban, self-acknowledged Marxist. Although the left never says anything about it, Oswald’s political views were undeniably leftist.

Sirhan Sirhan – I doubt even the most venomous lefty would consider him a “right-wing extremist.”

Squeaky Fromme – airhead follower of Charles Manson, dedicated to sex, whopper drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, all that good leftist lifestyle. Not even Obama’s giggling idiot press conference mouthpiece could convince the simplest Obama disciple in the street that she was a “right-wing terrorist.”

I don’t recall her name off-hand, but the “lady” who took a shot at Ford said in a recent interview that she pulled the trigger because she thought it would “start the revolution” – such leftist crap straight out of the ’60s and the battle cry of all those “good” American citizens like Bill Ayers places her firmly in the leftist camp.

While I don’t know John Hinkley’s political siding, based on certain factors in his attempt on Reagan, he wasn’t politically on the right. He didn’t shoot at the president to protest expanding government, high taxes, government intrusion into private lives – none of that good right-wing stuff. He decided that shooting the president was a good way to impress an actress – who later turned out to have sexual preferences that wouldn’t have included him even if shooting a president had been on her “how to really impress me” list. So while I can’t say for certain Hinkley was or is a lefty, I can say that his being clearly mentally unbalanced, and not being able to make a kill shot at close range, probably out of his “I’m about to get my girl” excitement, makes me think he is. In my assessment, Hinkley is the product of the Leftist Assassination Squad – pitiful marksman or not.

In deference to the “other side,” I suppose I could be generous and acknowledge that James Earl Ray may have had a more conventional conservative rather than liberal mindset, but since he had most likely voted Democrat (in full support of Democrat initiated, implemented and maintained Jim Crow laws) his entire life, he would more accurately fall into the lefty side of the fence. Like their producing a wad of assassins and attempted assassins, the left likes to sweep other inconvenient truths, like its historic support of slavery, its creation of the KKK to control blacks and black-supporting carpetbaggers, and Jim Crow laws, under the rug in hopes that eventually their total revision of history will finally get the blame for their heinous racist history shifted onto everyone else. In that light, conservative Democrat or not, James Earl Ray, capable rifleman and assassin of Martin Luther King, belongs to the left.

Considering the history of actual and attempted assassinations over the course of our recent 60 or so years of history, if I were of a notion to cry out about a “fascist movement” of shooters, based on the known facts or strong indicators of the political persuasion of those shooters, I would have to say it is obviously leftist in origin – not from the right.

It’s a weird paradox that the side that wants to take guns from private citizens is the same side that is producing all the high-profile assassins. But it’s not a paradox that they have shifted public perception away from that fact and have built a propaganda behemoth that somehow makes it “proper” to blame the right for actions that their people have for decades engaged in. Good ol’ revisionism in action.

Out of total fairness, I would be willing to “accept” that the abortionist shooter is a right-winger – the day the left acknowledges that they are much more proficient, and prolific, at producing assassins. Until that day comes, the abortionist shooter is just a loose nut whose actions all civilized people should condemn.

And even if the person does turn out to be politically right-leaning, that would make it, what, a couple of dozen to one? And leftist shooters go after presidents and civil rights leaders, impacting global history, rather than, in the wide picture, relatively small political agenda operators.

Therefore, if there is in fact a clandestine action afoot, then the “fascist movement” of assassinations is a decades-old left-wing plot.


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