Here I am just minding my own business and some Arab who can’t spell posts the following on the White House’s “Open Government Dialogue Website”: “Joseph Farah is a serious U.S. domestic danger.”

That’s what my life is like.

I’m just here plugging away, trying to make sure the Constitution is enforced because the president won’t do it, the Congress won’t do it, the Supreme Court won’t do it, not even the federal workers at General Motors will do it.

So, in my spare hours when I’m not busy producing the most informative news site on the Internet, I launched a campaign to pressure Barack Obama to release his birth certificate.

Honestly, I thought Bill Clinton was the pro at obfuscation, but Obama and company put him to shame. Clinton couldn’t get away with questioning the meaning of the word “is.” People didn’t buy it. But Obama has demonstrated his ability to confuse 300 million Americans as to what constitutes a “birth certificate.”

He says he has released his, and most people accept that at face value – even though almost all Americans, even those educated primarily in government schools, are familiar with what a birth certificate looks like, the information it contains and how it is prepared. They should be able to take one look at what Obama claims is his birth certificate and know right off the bat that this ain’t one.

Some people are smart enough to figure this out – about 400,000 of them at last count. That’s how many have signed the petition I began several months ago calling for accountability on this eligibility issue.

And, just in the last three weeks, about 2,500 people have stepped forward and put their money where their mouths are to support my billboard campaign asking the simple question, “Where’s the birth certificate?”

I’m gratified that for every Arab who can’t spell and thinks I’m a domestic terrorist, there are thousands of people who disagree – who think I’m right and will stand behind me even at the risk of being labeled a “birther.”

That term doesn’t scare me.

I am pro-birth. I think everyone has the right to be born. And, having been born, you should be issued a birth certificate. It comes in handy if you want to play T-ball or get a driver’s license or register for school. I know you better have one if you apply for a job in the federal government. But, apparently, you don’t need one for the only job in America that requires you, under the Constitution, to be a “natural born citizen.”

Go figure.

Anyway, back to the Arab who can’t spell: He posts on the White House website that, by calling on Obama to release his birth certificate, I am “obstructing the process of developing a transparent government.”

Heaven forbid!

No one is a bigger proponent of a transparent government than me. I just think it ought to start at the top! I can’t take seriously a president who likes to release sensitive nuclear information to the world but hides his own birth certificate. I can’t take seriously a president who delights in releasing the dirty little secrets of previous administrations while hiding his own college records. I can’t take seriously a president who claims to seek “openness and transparency” in government but won’t explain how he managed to live in Indonesia for years, traveled to Pakistan, which was forbidden for American citizens, while somehow retaining U.S. citizenship.

Still, the Arab who can’t spell says I’m a danger to domestic tranquility, or in his words: “The outcome of it [my campaign for truth and justice] so far has become a grave danger for the US. It is nothing more than unpatriotic behaviour that should be swiftly delt with.”

I’ll let him have the last words – even if they aren’t necessarily, uh, words.

Let the world know you stand with the Constitution and transparency. Display the “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” magnetic bumper sticker.

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