Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh says Barack Obama has become the Mikhail Gorbachev of the United States, overseeing its destruction.

“Mikhail Gorbachev presided over the collapse of his country like Barack Obama is presiding over the collapse of his,” Limbaugh said on his program today. “And so a man who knows how to collapse his own economy is now advising us on how to collapse ours.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there can be no other way to say this now. The gloves have to come off. It’s time for people to sober up. The president of the United States, Barack Obama, is destroying the United States economy. There is no other way to describe this, systematically destroying it,” he said.

“‘Rush, are you saying he’s destroying it on purpose?’ I’m not going there, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the United States economy is being destroyed. Even the Associated Press, government-run Associated Press with a headline: ‘Big Government Spending Programs Have Opposite Effect on Economy.’ They are concluding that you cannot spend yourself out of a recession. So what is President Obama planning to do? Spend even more, even sooner,” he said. “Here is the AP story: ‘The Federal Reserve announced a $1.2 trillion plan three months ago designed to push down mortgage rates and breathe life into the housing market. But this and other big government spending programs are turning out to have the opposite effect.’ It is not just that they aren’t working, they are hurting, they are harming.”

Limbaugh continued with a quote from Gorbachev, “‘The model that emerged during the final decades of the 20th century has turned out to be unsustainable.’ This is an op-ed piece in the Washington Post, by the way. Gorbachev wrote in an op-ed piece in the Washington Post, ‘It was based on a drive for super-profits and hyper-consumption for a few, on unrestrained exploitation of resources and on social and environmental irresponsibility.'”

Then came Gorbachev’s prediction of “perhaps even greater upheaval down the road.”

“He is endorsing what Obama is doing, tearing apart the greatest economy in the history of the world. Mikhail Gorbachev, who presided over the collapse of his own economy, is essentially now endorsing the same steps taken by Barack Obama. I don’t know about you, when I have a former communist totalitarian dictator articulating policies identical to those being enacted by a United States president, I get scared,” he said.

“Gorbachev presided over the destruction of the Soviet Union, and Barack Obama is presiding over the destruction of the United States of America. There is no other way to say this. Given the economic numbers that we have – given the 25-year record unemployment, given that there is no positive economic news anywhere – wouldn’t somebody with common sense and a brain think that after … eight months of an amount of spending that equals $11 trillion and an over $2 trillion budget deficit this year – after eight months of stimulating the economy in ways that have never been done, under the theory that this was the only way to revive our U.S. economy – isn’t it time to stop and say, ‘Wait a minute! The political solutions not only aren’t working, they are making it worse?’

“I am convinced that Barack Obama, whether he wants to or not, is in the process of destroying it. This and other big-government spending programs are turning out to have the opposite effect,” Limbaugh said.


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