By now many people not sold out to the Obama faction (including people carried along by deceitful media hype who voted for him) have realized its baneful intention to abandon our national heritage, our Constitutional republic, our free enterprise economy, indeed our entire way of life as a free people. People who not long ago shunned and even ridiculed people like me for clearly speaking out about this intention are now decrying the surrender to socialism and accepting descriptive terms like “neo-communist” that suggest the Obama faction’s ultimate goal: the establishment of a better-dressed, more astutely implemented version of Soviet-style communism in the United States.

The Obama faction’s agenda bankrupts the nation, while dangerously increasing the leverage China and other potentially hostile competitors can bring to bear against U.S. interests. It poses a grave threat to property rights and economic freedom, a threat that includes the mobilization of government-controlled distribution of economic goods (like the allocation of GM franchises to car dealers) to punish political opposition and enforce submission to their factional dictatorship. It undermines our military strength. It directly threatens Second Amendment rights, up to and including schemes to undermine the legitimacy and efficacy of private ownership of firearms.

On the international front, Obama’s appeasement policies encourage contempt for American resolve, while offering time for implacable enemies like Iran and North Korea to develop and produce nuclear weapons that will vastly increase the damaging potential of the terrorist infrastructure they support. At the same time, promotion of phony Middle East peace overtures, based on a consciously biased and deceitful mangling of the historical record, aim to force Israel onto a path of sure destruction while continuing to shield Arab despots from their responsibility for violence, poverty and economic stagnation in the region.

The best documentary on how the Gipper single-handedly brought down Soviet communism: “In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed”

Each destructive element of the Obama’s faction’s agenda has roused dismay and opposition from the people directly threatened by it. Glenn Beck and the Project 912 groups represent people reacting to the agenda of economic destruction. Organizers of the Second Amendment march represent those reacting to the assault against private ownership of firearms. Though silent on major threats to the constitutional republic, even some Republicans have sniffed the political advantages to be gained from speaking for Americans who are concerned and outraged by Obama’s abject rhetoric of apology and his perilous policies of appeasement. Sadly, however, though the Obama’s faction’s agenda threatens our entire way of life as a free people, nothing has emerged that brings the different currents of reaction against it together into a powerful and united force that reasserts the sovereignty of the American people. This failure of unity will allow the Obama faction to deflect, assuage or nullify each opposition element in detail, while it moves inexorably forward with the grand strategy that topples the constitutional republic.

In this respect, the Obama faction’s greatest strength turns out to be a counterpart of what would otherwise be its greatest weakness: the exploitation of the moral vulnerability of the American people. Obama’s politics of apology involve deceitfully crafted assumptions of national guilt that humiliate the United States, but they allow his faction to assume a position of moral superiority as the judges of America’s history and actions, the righteous implementers of a moral vision that will set things right. They will save the nation from the economic collapse brought on by the greed of (Republican, conservative) bankers and business people. They will save the people from the immoral (Republican, conservative) gun culture, which breeds violence and brings death. They will assuage the resentment and anger cause by immoral U.S. policies of intervention, imperialism and exploitation internationally that are the real reason for terrorist threats and violence against us.

Moral self-righteousness is the underlying passion that animates every aspect of the Obama faction’s agenda, and provides the excuse for its raw assertion of the will to power and pervasive control. It is the unifying ingredient that allows his otherwise vacant promises of hope and change to inspire emotional attachment and allegiance. Though so called “liberals” have for years deployed the absurd argument that “you can’t legislate morality,” leftist politics is entirely driven by the emotional need to do just that, in order to depose and destroy evil greed and exploitation.

During the Reagan years, conservatives made headway against the left because Reagan represented the reassertion of America’s moral self-confidence. Unfortunately, when Reagan left office the Republican Party came under the sway of leaders who have no sincere commitment to the nation’s moral identity. To get votes they prevaricate about supporting conservative moral views, but in reality they subscribe to the idea that moral issues don’t belong in politics. In effect this means that they tacitly surrender to their opponents’ claims of moral superiority. Ironically, every Republican victory since Richard Nixon won the presidency in 1968 depended on the mobilization of moral passion against the political agenda of the left. Yet only Reagan’s victories advanced leaders with anything like an authentic determination to strengthen the moral identity of the American people through policies that respect and implement the moral premises of republican self-government.

Despite the real and often intense opposition to the Obama faction’s destruction of American liberty, I see little hope for a unified (and therefore successful) political mobilization of that opposition behind leaders who continue the Republican pattern of moral prevarication. American liberty depends on a clear moral logic: Justice arises from the will of the Creator, God. He has ordained that every human being has certain unalienable rights, beginning with the right to life. Legitimate government exists to secure these rights, and so must be based on the consent of the governed. The power of government, including all its laws and actions, must therefore be constrained by a constitution that reflects and maintains the limits required for the security of unalienable human rights.

This moral logic justifies our opposition to the Obama faction’s neo-communist agenda on every front. It allows conservatives to mobilize the moral will for liberty on behalf of every group reacting against a threat from that agenda. It will allow Americans to stand with pride on the history and heritage of moral right that deflates the delusion of self-righteousness on which depends Obama’s rise and fall.

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