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Shepard Smith has got to go

So let me understand this: An 89-year-old Nazi, James von Brunn, ran into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and opened fire on and killed a security guard, and Shepard Smith is remonstrating with conservative bloggers who aren’t drinking the Obama Kool-Aid?


Immediately after the murder in the Holocaust Museum, Smith pointed his finger at conservatives for mistreating Obama – while making no mention of how Obama has treated the Constitution, capitalism and our allies. He yelled at conservatives for calling Obama a Muslim (he was born a Muslim – don’t shoot the messenger, Shep) and for questioning the origins of his birth (vault copy, anyone?). But what did this have to do with the Nazi von Brunn? I do not know. Von Brunn’s wildly disgusting website is not a diatribe against Obama. It’s a Jew hating white supremacist cesspool. This is a man who is a Hitlerite – who wants to exterminate the Jewish people – and yeah, he hates black people, too.

Was the condescending Shepard Smith scolding the leftist/Islamic alliance last week when Abdulhakim Muhammad gunned down U.S. soldiers at the military recruiting center, justifying it by saying it was jihad? Did he talk all afternoon discussing the violent ideology of the Quran?

How relieved everyone in the media was (particularly Shep) that the Holocaust Museum shooter was not a Muslim – now they can talk about it, now they can spend all day on it and analyze every irrelevant factoid.

Smith was acting as if conservatives were responsible for the 89-year-old Nazi von Brunn. Why does Shep get upset about conservatives, when a Nazi committed this crime in the Holocaust Museum? Nazis aren’t new. Or special. Look at all of Europe during World War II. Systemically they killed their Jews, every country (save the Danes), with gusto. And von Brunn is a nut case who served six years in federal prison in the 1980s. He had walked into the headquarters of the Federal Reserve System with two guns, a package he said contained dynamite and a desire to improve the nation’s economy, D.C. police said. A certifiable sicko.

How amusing that Shepard felt the need to take this opportunity to scold us for doing the job the media won’t do. He also took the opportunity to vouch for the DHS report on right-wing extremism. You know, the one that targeted vets, tea party attendees and Jewish extremists as the real threats to the country. The 89-year-old Nazi von Brunn served in World War II – are World War II vets the new terror threat?

Fox could do so much better than this pompous elitist. Beating the competition when you’re on Fox is no great achievement: The competition of CNN, MSNBC et al. drives people to Fox. Leading the left-wing media is not that difficult. Fox’s own numbers are the bar. I am sure, for example, if Fox dropped Beck into Greta’s spot, he would increase their numbers at 10 p.m. by 30 percent.

But Shepard Smith must go. It is time to get rid of the deadwood. I don’t know where he gets off talking down to conservatives, but it’s not his job to defend Obama and to try to tie African-American racism into this Jew-hating incident. Funny thing, though, he didn’t discuss Jew hatred at all. Nope. An 89-year-old Nazi goes into the Holocaust Museum and shoots up the place, and Shepard Smith is on Fox whining about the lack of Obama-love, claiming that racism is driving that lack of love. Earth to Shep: Americans are angry because Obama is destroying the country. And what does that have to do with an 89-year-old Nazi shooting up the museum that is devoted to informing people about the mass extermination of the Jews?

Shep, don’t preach to us about anger. This from a guy who hit a reporter with his car as she saved a parking space. (He was arrested for it, too.) And who can forget Smith’s leftist tantrum last month when, on a post-broadcast webcast, he lost it when discussing his opposition to waterboarding, and bellowed: “We are America!” (And then he slammed the table.) “I don’t give a rat’s a– if it helps. We are AMERICA! We do not f—ing torture!”

But he is torturing conservatives. Shepard Smith has got to go.


Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and former associate publisher of the New York Observer. Her op-eds have appeared in The Washington Times, The American Thinker, Israel National News and other publications.