You can feel the tension in the air everywhere in America these early summer days.

Savings have eroded, plans for retirement have evaporated, 6.8 million Americans are out of work, and the rest of us are more uncertain about our jobs now than ever before.

Business is bad, and many familiar businesses are failing. “Inflation”? “Deflation”? I don’t know. What I do know is that prices for things I buy – food, gas, utilities – are going up. One U.S. dollar in 2000 is worth 70 cents in 2009.

But it’s feels worse than that, worse than a “recession.”

The Obama government is changing the rules.

It’s promising that the government can borrow (or print) trillions of dollars to solve problems caused by trillions of dollars of past bad debt.

It’s promising that good times will return if the government takes over the banking system, gives the auto industry to the UAW, appoints a “czar” to determine how much we can be paid in our jobs, stops all drilling for oil and raises taxes to take over health care.

Beyond our shores doesn’t look too good either; the bad guys are ascendant.

“Peace through strength” won the Cold War. Will “peace through apology” win the war militant Islam has declared against us?

Will the new “Why can’t we all just get along?” foreign policy keep us safe from North Korea’s nuclear missiles?

The tension in America has broken out in violence over the last few weeks.

An American Muslim convert who sought training in a jihad camp in Yemen drives by a Navy-Army recruiting office in Little Rock, Ark., and shoots and kills Pvt. William Long, standing on the sidewalk.

The assassin denies it’s murder because Allah told him to kill members of the U.S. armed forces in retaliation for the U.S. killing Muslims. The jihad against America has come home to America again, and what is worse is Obama’s FBI knew he was a jihadist and let it happen.

A “pro-life” activist shoots and kills the abortionist Dr. George Tiller in his Wichita church. The killer denies it’s murder because he’s just defending the babies who would have been aborted if the doctor continued his abortions.

A “white supremacist” 88-year-old walks into the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C., and shoots and kills museum guard Stephan T. Johns, who had opened the door to assist him.

The violence has been taken by the Obama government media as a signal to advance the agenda. (This was the same week that Newsweek Managing Editor Evan Thomas described the president as “like some kind of God.”) Remember Rahm Emanuel’s disclosure that every crisis is an opportunity to advance the agenda.

Abortion clinics all over the country got the protection of U.S. Marshals, even though Tiller was not killed at a clinic, while pundits and reporters for the government media pounded all pro-life activists as potential doctor killers.

Following the Holocaust museum shooting, the same pundits and reporters pounded all conservatives as Jew-haters and potential killers.

Gun control advocates got lots of media exposure with their “I told you so” message. No reporter asked why the shooting at the museum could have occurred in D.C. with its perfect gun ban law in place.

Paul Krugman in the New York Times, screeched that Department of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano’s “Right Wing Extremism Assessment” was right on the money. This right-wing, Jew-hater killer just proves that all conservatives should be watched by the Department of Homeland Security.

I leaked this “assessment” last Good Friday to expose the Obama government’s plan to mobilize 800,000 local and state law enforcement officers to conduct “surveillance” of “… individuals that are dedicated to … opposition to abortion or immigration.” The “assessment” proposed to watch Americans because of their political opinions, not because of any violence.

As more facts on the museum shooting emerged, Krugman’s argument began to look silly. The killer apparently hated just about everybody.

Yes, he hated Jews and considered himself a white supremacist. But he also thought Christianity was a “hoax,” denied the Bible, praised Hitler, denounced Bush and Cheney, was a 9/11 conspiracy fan, had a target list that included the conservative publication “Weekly Standard,” and used Darwinism to support his anti-Semitism. A violent nut maybe, but certainly not an American conservative.

Even worse for Krugman, Pvt. William Long’s assassin told police in Little Rock that his was an act of jihad, a part of his religion. Did Krugman then denounce all Muslims as potential jihadists? If you said “No, he did not” – advance to the head of the class.

Worst of all for Krugman, he would not want his theory that these acts of violence should cause all conservatives to be suspect applied to violence “caused by” previous columns of his.

For example, did his repeated call for government action to save the planet from the evil effects of human activity result in the 2000 acts of domestic terrorism by the Earth Liberation Front?

Did his repeated denunciation of the Iraq war, the “unjustified invasion,” the “killing of innocent civilians,” cause the assassination of Pvt. William Long?

The answer is no, of course not. Krugman and his ACLU fellow travelers ought to be wary of seeking to use government to suppress opinion they don’t agree with.

Painting all conservatives as potential killers based on their conservative political opinions strikes a serious blow against the First Amendment. A government that feels justified to conduct surveillance of you based on the content of your political opinions or your bumper stickers effectively repeals the First Amendment.

If Krugman’s column (and hundreds of other stories and columns in the government media) signal the Obama government’s determination to use these incidents of violence to silence critics and stifle debate as Congress considers “climate change” taxes, the health care takeover, and amnesty for illegal aliens, this is going to be the mother of long, hot summers.

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