As thousands of Iranian protesters took to Tehran streets over the past week, the exploding Twitter universe, or “Twitterverse,” proved yet again the value and prominence that micro-blogging and social networking have become in today’s world of instant communication.

Even Defense Sec. Robert Gates said the Pentagon is monitoring “tweets” from Iranians who are under violent attack by regime police and military.

Though the Iranian government reportedly blocked opponents of President Ahmadinejad from sending emails, they were outwitted by another form of technology – Twitter. Several Twitter sites were used by students and others protesting the results of last week’s presidential election, in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (according to the Iranian government) swept to victory over challenger Mi Hossein Mousavi.

Bloggasm focuses on the media, with an emphasis on online media and journalism. Simon Owens, publisher, sought to determine how many “retweets” any given Iranian protester’s tweet message was getting from micro-bloggers monitoring the steady stream emanating from Iran. His conclusion? Tweets coming out of Iran were retweeted an average of 57.8 times.

Pictures from Iran

Pages and pages of photos taken of Iranian rioting, in real time uploads, can be seen at PicFog.

Videos from Iran

World citizens have been transfixed by the Iranian demonstrations, as we monitored developing events on a stream of vids pouring in to YouTube from citizen journalists using cell phones and mini-cams.

One video that immediately went viral on the web on June 20 was a 47-second clip of a young woman dying from a sniper wound. The video is graphic and YouTube issues a warning before allowing viewers access, but that hasn’t discouraged thousands from posting it on Twitter and their blogsites.

Best blogs

The Watcher’s Council is a group of bloggers that rounds up and votes for the best blog of the week. This week’s recognition went to Michelle Malkin’s column: “Obama’s AmeriCrooks and Cronies Scandal”

“Michelle Malkin did what she does best by informing her readers about the deep corruption and thuggery of the Obama administration with regard to it’s firing of the politically independent Inspector General Gerald Walpin after he blew the whistle on the squandering of taxpayer subsidized funds to a community organizing group called AmericCorps.”

Council members include:

Tea parties across the land

The tea party movement is heading to Washington, D.C. It is estimated that thousands of local organizers and grass-roots Americans from across the country will gather in our nation’s Capitol on Sept. 12 to deliver a message to the politicians: Enough!


When you need a break from world events, fire up your laptop and settle in for a good movie, for free. A growing number of sites are offering freebie flicks. Here’s a couple.

YouTube is making a growing selection of movies available online. Select from alphabetical listings, most recent, most popular or by studio. Visit the Screening Room, where a new film is featured every two weeks. Latest additions to YouTube’s lineup include “LaBamba,” “Home,” “Ninja Champion,” “There Are Monsters.”

Online Movies carries free, new releases, like “Star Trek,” “Angels and Demons,” “Up” and “Terminator Salvation.”

Check out WorldNetDaily’s newest movie review feature on the Diversions page each week.

Hot stuff!

The video of Obama catching and killing a housefly as nimbly as an African chieftain got widespread viewing this week at YouTube, earning it the most viewed for the week. Catch “the sucker” on the … fly. Now, where were we?

Top Wikio websites:

Top 100 brands

The world’s most valuable brands measured by their dollar value.

Remember the past or be doomed to repeat it

In 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

In a pre-dawn offensive, German troops pushed into the USSR from the south and west, with a third force making their way from the north towards Leningrad.

In 1965, Students protested after a coup in Algeria.

Police in the Algerian capital Algiers broke up demonstrations by hundreds of people who took to the streets chanting slogans in support of deposed President Ben Bella.

In 1976, Westerners were evacuated from Beirut.

Nearly 300 Westerners, mostly Americans and Britons, were moved from Beirut and taken to safety in Syria by the U.S. military.

In 1099, the Crusaders capture Jerusalem.

In 637, Islamic armies conquered the city of Jerusalem. More than 400 years later in 1076, the Turks captured the city, only to lose it to the Christian Crusaders 23 years afterward.

The kicker!

The Anchoress offers a palate cleanser: Today’s Big Thing! Post it!

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