Lila Rose

The Internet giant YouTube has spiked a video that revealed Planned Parenthood telling a prospective abortion patient that those online images of mangled bodies aren’t real.

Word of the action comes from Live Action Films, which sent volunteers under cover into Planned Parenthood facilities in several states to record their statements about abortion.

The videos have revealed, among other things, Planned Parenthood officials apparently advising a “patient” to lie to a judge about her boyfriend’s age to avoid possible felony charges against him.

The video stripped from YouTube is:


Planned Parenthood Falsely Says Abortion Pictures Are “not Real”Click here for the funniest movie of the week


Lila Rose, the 20-year-old president of Live Action, said YouTube should re-instate the video in accordance with its own rules:

“Since the video we posted does not violate any terms of use, we expect YouTube to re-instate it immediately. YouTube’s own ‘Community Guideline Tips’ advise that intense or disturbing imaging should be ‘balanced with additional context and information,’ which is exactly what Live Action has done.”

The pro-life group said YouTube previously has removed Live Action videos about Planned Parenthood without explanation.

The corporation’s policy states: “The world is a dangerous place. Sometimes people do get hurt and it’s inevitable that these events may be documented on YouTube. However, it’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful. If a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional context and information.”

Google spokesman Scott Rubin said there is a company policy against commenting on individual videos.

“I can tell you that videos that are removed for a Terms of Use violation sometimes violate several rules at once, which may make it difficult for a user to pinpoint a reason for the removal,” he suggested.

In the video, a Planned Parenthood counselor from Tucson, Ariz., tells a patient that images of aborted fetuses “are not real.” The video then shows photographs of a completed abortion and documentation of their authenticity.

Live Action said its videos use undercover tactics to expose fraudulent practices in the abortion industry and are similar to other “sting” investigations which journalists often post on YouTube.

The most recent video is part of Live Action’s Mona Lisa Project, which documents abusive practices in Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation.

Footage released to date has caught on hidden camera six Planned Parenthood clinics in three states ignoring their mandatory reporting responsibilities for statutory rape and protecting adult-child sexual relationships.

Recently the Tennessee State Legislature used undercover footage from Live Action to help divert nearly $1 million in taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood clinics, and in California, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to end a nearly $300,000 contract with the abortion provider.

“Our videos show hard truths about the abortion industry that must be seen and dealt with,” Rose said. “Lawmakers and their constituents are recognizing this, but YouTube does everyone a disservice when they cooperate with Planned Parenthood in burying the evidence of abuse.”

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