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3 more years of eligibility doubts?

“I certainly hope by the fourth year of our administration that we’ll have dealt with this burgeoning birth controversy.”

That was the highly unusual concluding statement by White House press secretary Robert Gibbs in his attempt to brush off a question about why his boss, Barack Obama, continues to stonewall the public’s right to know with certainty that the man residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is actually constitutionally eligible to be there.

When WND’s veteran White House correspondent Les Kinsolving last week asked Gibbs why Obama refuses to release his long-form birth certificate, the only document that would demonstrate that he was actually born in the U.S., Gibbs tried to mock and ridicule the question – to the apparent amusement of many reporters.

He concluded his characteristically evasive, unresponsive retort with the sentence above.

Now what does that sentence suggest to you?

  1. That it may take at least another three years before the White House will do the right thing and release the long-form birth certificate;

  2. That the Obama administration acknowledges that this controversy is not going away – and, in fact, that it is “burgeoning.”

Why is it burgeoning?

In recent weeks and months, I have made it my personal mission to see that it does.

First, on my own initiative, I launched a petition campaign on WND. It has now gathered nearly 400,000 electronic “signatures.”

Second, I have seen to it that at least one news agency, WND, continues to cover this story like it matters.

Third, with the help of thousands of other Americans willing to put their money where their mouths are, I launched a national billboard campaign to keep the issue visible. The billboards are springing up across the nation – asking simply, “Where’s the birth certificate?”

The results are in.

People are talking about this issue again.

Obama and his spokesmen can’t continue to run and hide.

Earlier this week, even the White House website was alive with posts from people around the country telling Obama that his effort for “transparency and openness” in his administration begins with him. It’s easy to release the secret files of previous administrations. The real test of “transparency and openness” is how you deal with your own secrets. Obama had the audacity to ask which public records you want to see open. Now it’s time to tell him.

It’s pretty incredible that we have a president who gets away with talking about “transparency and openness” when he himself refuses to disclose the most basic personal data – including the only documentation that would establish whether he is constitutionally eligible to serve in the highest office in the land.

We need to see his birth certificate.

We need to see his student records, including those that would show whether he was registered as a foreigner at Occidental or Columbia and who paid his tuition.

We need to see his passport records during the time he was living in Indonesia and traveling to Pakistan as a youth. Did he give up his U.S. citizenship? If not, how did he retain it? Or did he not have U.S. citizenship to begin with because he was never actually born in Hawaii?

Once again, I’m enlisting your support in this campaign.

Here’s what you can do to keep up the momentum:

This is the way we can win this battle for “truth and transparency” – not three years from now, but long before.