Last week, Fox News reported how one soldier’s memoriam rocketed up Twitter “charts”.

“A father’s desire to honor his stepson, slain in Afghanistan on Independence Day, quickly became one of Twitter’s top-trending topics late Saturday and early Sunday,” Fox News reported.

Aaron Fairbairn was killed by a suicide bomber. His father, David Masters twittered the message: “They killed my son” at about 6 p.m. EDT Saturday. The phrase “#thankyouaaron” quickly rose up the Twitter charts and stayed there through Sunday morning.

Tea parties across the land

Thousands of Americans participated in tea party protests across the nation as we celebrated the 233rd anniversary of our nation’s birth.

FreedomWorks put together an interactive map of the protests that took place around the country on July 4, 2009.

Freedom Works Foundation is coordinating a Sept. 12 national tea party in the nation’s capital. Info includes a Google Earth map that plots in red dots how many people will be participating.

Red, white and blueTube

Dozens of patriotic videos caught our eye last week. Here are a few:

What’s a celebration without the food?


Epicurious features the world’s best recipes, videos that take you around the world to learn how to make them and suggestions for European restaurants, markets and dishes.

The companion website to The Food Network dishes up your favorite personalities, their favorite recipes and healthy, money saving tips.


Pair the right wine with your culinary creation. Wine Spectator and have ratings and reviews of thousands of wines.

Be merry!

Yahoo events (formerly features audio and video from all over. makes a wide variety of music available.

Visit the virtual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Classical Archives is a music website designed for lovers of classical music, jazz, Broadway, film soundtracks, and world music. With the largest classical music site on the web, 620,000 files you can listen to (stream), or purchase in DRM-free MP3 for download by 7,000 composers and 27,000 artists from over 120 recording labels. Also includes the largest collection of free classical music MIDI files.

Knowledge is power

A couple of Florida homeschooling families have created a website about abortion:

“Our families have been studying the Constitution together and have posed a new strategy to end abortion,” the site proclaims, “just ignore Roe v. Wade!”

The spin factor

Is it left? Is it right? Is it neutral? FairSpin collects all the latest news and opinion from across the web and uses the community’s votes to organize it from left to right. It’s the best way to get a full picture of today’s news.

Space invaders

Look, up in the sky!

Find out when the space station is going to fly over your city.

It’s a marvelous night for a moonwalk

Forty years ago on June 20, 1969, the first man stepped on the moon. Celebrate the anniversary of man’s achievement with your kids and grandkids with videos, photos, interviews, and articles that describe this momentous occasion in our nation’s history.

A monstrous YouTube hit

What had 3.3 million plus views in two days on You Tube? Hint: It wasn’t Michael Jackson, Mark Sanford or Sarah Palin – but an “unknown life form.”

Incidentally, YouTube is offering easier tools for the end users, recently increasing the maximum size of video uploads from 1 GB to 2GB, making your longer HD videos easier to upload. The max length of a vid still remains at ten minutes, however.

Wikio’s top 10 blogsites for June

Who has the most political influence in the blogosphere?

1. Huffington Post
2. Think Progress
3. The Corner
4.Political Ticker
5. The Daily Dish
6. Political Punch
7. Michelle Malkin
8. Instapundit
9. Talking Points Memo
10. Political Animal

Top 3 Weasel Watcher winners

1. Fausta’s Blog – “Coup in Honduras”

2. Christina Hoff Summers – “Persistent Myths in Feminist Scholarship”
3. The League of Ordinary Gentlemen – “Iraq June 30th”

Head to Watcher of Weasels to read the complete list of winners.

Twitter tech

How does Twitter calculate Twitter rankings?

With a Twitter grader, of course!

A great trivia game to play at your next party: What are the most frequently used words on Twitter?

How many ways can you mine Twitter for information? At least 20! Check out this article for more.

Here’s the ultimate list of Twitter Tools – today. New apps are being developed as we speak. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated and ahead of the Tweet curve.

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