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Finally, some insight into Obama's past

My convictions that Barack Obama is hiding a virtual treasure trove of personal papers and documents that would cast his life in a different light than his self-serving autobiography did have been confirmed by the first leak of his college writings.

Not only my convictions have been confirmed – so have my worst fears.

Back on March 10, 1983, Barack Obama, minus the Hussein, published a bylined screed in the Columbia University Sundial that denounced U.S. defense policies and claimed that calls for a nuclear freeze might lead to peace.

Obama’s goal? Replace the Judeo-Christian values that gave birth to the “land of the free” with failed radical leftist beliefs – get Brad O’Leary’s “The Audacity of Deceit”

But, for those who may be too young to remember, let’s first recall what was happening in the world in 1983 when the 22-year-old Barack Obama was extolling the nuclear freeze movement and U.S. disarmarment.

That was the year President Ronald Reagan introduced the Strategic Defense Initiative, a plan dubbed by the inebriate Teddy Kennedy as “Star Wars,” for the allegedly fanciful idea that technology could be developed to shoot down incoming inter-continental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons. This was the ultimate plan not only to minimize, if not eliminate, the potential for nuclear war but one that led within the decade directly to the collapse of the totalitarian Soviet Union.

It was the year the Soviets shot down South Korean civilian airliner 007, killing all 269 passengers including a U.S. congressman.

It was the year the Cuban military, building a massive airport that could be used for Soviet military purposes, were ousted from the Caribbean island of Grenada by U.S. military forces. In the process, hundreds of U.S. college students who had been taken hostage by Cuban soldiers were freed.

It was also a big year for the nuclear freeze movement, which, as we know since the opening of the KGB archives, was an idea inspired, funded and controlled by the Soviets.

This was the movement Barack Obama was lauding in 1983. In fact, you could say from reading his article about the activities of two groups working within the freeze movement on the campus of Columbia, Obama wasn’t persuaded their calls for a freeze were radical enough.

“Generally, the narrow focus of the freeze movement as well as academic discussions of first versus second-strike capabilities suit the military-industrial interests as they continue adding to their billion-dollar erector sets,” Obama wrote.

In other words, in Obama’s eyes, the Soviet apparatchiks working on behalf of this cause weren’t going far enough. He preferred to see deep unilateral disarmament by the U.S. – a cause that would have ensured the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall would still be around today.

I’m sure some will look at this article and say: “Hey, give the guy a break. He was 22 years old then. What bearing does it have on his presidency today?”

And that would be correct, of course, if Obama had publicly changed his mind on these issues. But he hasn’t. In fact, as late as 2008, during the presidential campaign, he affirmed those ideas in a video.

Here are his big ideas in that campaign commercial as they pertain to nuclear weapons and U.S. military policies:

Keep in mind, this is what we learned from the first document drop from Obama’s past.

We still don’t have his birth certificate.

We don’t have his Selective Service registration.

We still don’t have his passport and travel trail.

We still don’t have any of his records from Occidental College.

We still don’t have the rest of his Columbia records.

We still don’t have his Harvard papers – none, zip, zilch, nada.

We don’t have any of these things and we are more than six months into his first term.

What is this man hiding?

It’s scary to think about it – almost as scary as his first-term policies.