Last week’s column, “The Late Great United States,” prompted a disgusted reader to chastise me for my gloomy tone. “Why don’t you take your continuously sour outlook on life,” he suggested, “follow the advice in this video, pack your bags, and get the [extremely vulgar expletive] out!”

The link, which I won’t share here, was a clip of some raunchy and sexually explicit dancing. What great advice! Putting aside the fact that my disposition is actually rather cheerful, apparently this reader believes that if you object to the Obamification of our country, all you have to do is get lost in dirty videos and everything will be swell.

In other words: Don’t worry, be happy.

The anti-constitutional path we’re on is well established and exacerbated by the current administration. The “solutions” proposed by the government to solve (pick one) health care/ banking/ food safety/ mortgage meltdown are jokes.You know they’re jokes. I know they’re jokes. President Obama knows they’re jokes. Even the Democrats admit it. But we continue on our merry way. Whoo-hoo!

Are we witnessing the return of Karl Marx, or at least his anti-capitalist ideology? Compare today’s developments with Marx’s classic, “Das Kapital”

The destruction of America is multi-pronged: the economy, our religious foundation, the family, individual initiative, the free market, self-reliance … the list goes on. So what’s the purpose behind the intentional destructuring of a once-great nation? Why would any politician support these obviously dangerous and unworkable “solutions” for our already massive problems?

Simple: to cause this country to crash and burn. And from the ashes will arise, not a beautiful phoenix, but a hideous monstrosity that will kill us as a free nation.

Rahm Emanuel said it best, though perhaps he was unwise to blurt the scheme so obviously: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste … it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” It’s a sentiment that’s been seized with scandalous enthusiasm by the liberal-controlled Congress and presidency. It’s a crisis! Let’s pass every liberal agenda we’ve ever wanted! Whoo-hoo!

Up to this point, it’s forgivable that otherwise intelligent people would look at Obama and say, “He just doesn’t get it.” Understandable, but incorrect. He does get it. Obama has learned that he doesn’t even need to wait for a naturally occurring crisis to occur before seizing additional power and reducing liberties. He’s discovered that a manufactured crisis is every bit as effective as a real one. Since when is health care an emergency that must be dealt with now or the world will end? Since when does America need “czars,” unaccountable to taxpayers and voters, to further regulate us? Since when does the federal government – grrr – have the right to take over a private business and fire its CEO? Since when do hysterical and unproven global warming claims warrant legislation that promises to wreck our economy?

Yes, Obama gets it. So do Pelosi and Reid and all the other twits who are having the time of their lives running us into the ground by implementing every socialist agenda they’ve ever wanted, right down to regulating school snacks. I challenge anyone to tell me why school snacks should be a federal matter.

But hey, it’s not all bad. According to my critic, all I have to do to improve my “sour” outlook is watch dirty videos and chill out.

So all this begs the question, why is the government so hell-bent on destroying the economy? Why is this administration happily spending our country into bankruptcy? Again the answer is simple: so Obama et al. can remake it. Obama is an arrogant elitist surrounded by more arrogant elitists. The rest of us are troglodytes bitterly clinging to our guns and religion.

There’s nothing new in this. Crisis points have been used throughout history for the power-hungry to achieve ultimate power.

Those in government, both left and right, ultimately believe the United States will be a better place if there are fewer individual freedoms and more collectivism. We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution and Bill of Rights. Instead, we should look to Europe for the supreme example on how to govern. Better, look to South American or Middle Eastern dictators – men of whom Obama seems to approve, if his behavior and actions are any indication. Gosh it’s nice to see how a nation can be subdued by despotism.

Really, folks … it’s time to stop foolishly pretending Rome isn’t burning and Nero isn’t fiddling. Take the scales from your eyes and look around. Does anyone honestly think a government-run health care system won’t bankrupt health care? Does anyone really think the government can predict global weather – not just days, but years or decades in advance? Does anyone think the government can run a giant automobile business when it can’t even run its own Senate lunch room?

Our government – not just the current administration, but nearly every administration for the past seven decades – is the elephant in the room no one wants to see. None of these violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are accidents or mistakes. They’re deliberate. If a rare politician who supports government constraint starts rising in the ranks, he or she is cut down by either the Democrats or Republicans because both parties are flip sides of the same coin. Two steps forward (Democrats) and one step backward (Republicans) still leaves us one step forward on the road toward socialism.

I am only one person, and not a particularly intelligent one at that, but even I can see the truth of the situation. We have to get past the notion of politely pretending not to notice the elephant pooping on everything in the room. I know denial is a human trait, but this is getting ridiculous.

So ridiculous in fact, that I challenge anyone to show me how any of the legislation, regulations, laws, rules, takeovers, or subsidies within the past six months, six years or six decades fall within the constraints of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Show me how industry and initiative have improved in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a free-market system.

I’m waiting.

And I guess I’ll download some raunchy videos in the meantime, because I suspect I’ll be waiting a long time.

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