Did you hear what Sen. Jeff Sessions said yesterday in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings?

I would hope that a wise white male with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina woman who hasn’t lived that life.

No, he didn’t say that. Just insert “wise Latina woman” reaching a better conclusion than a “white male” and you have the position of Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

What Sessions really said was: “This ‘wise Latina’ comment has been talked about a lot, but I can just tell you one thing, if I’d said anything remotely like that my career would have been over. That’s true of most people here.”

Judge Sotomayor also says some people shouldn’t be hired because of the color of their skin. Just ask the New Haven firefighters she ruled against. Thankfully, she was overruled; but now she’s up for the seat that did the overruling. That’s where she wants to make policy. But racist policy is just as ugly no matter who it targets.

Speaking of racism, if you listen to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she’ll tell you her understanding of the motivation behind Roe v. Wade: There are “some populations that we don’t want to have too many of” (as she told the New York Times Magazine in a July 7 interview).

Abortion is racist. Don’t believe her? Ask Jesse Jackson. He said “abortion is black genocide.”

Don’t believe him? Then believe the statistics from the Alan Guttmacher Institute – the research arm of Planned Parenthood that performs more abortions than anyone else:

An African American baby is five times more likely to be aborted than a white baby.

This is not by accident. Planned Parenthood’s eugenicist founder, Margaret Sanger, was the featured speaker at a like-minded group called the Ku Klux Klan as she wrote about in her autobiography (on page 366).

When you study legalized abortion, what Ruth Bader Ginsberg admitted is true, the history of abortion is eugenics – the effort by man to create a master race without those populations “that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics said it this way: “What the Ku Klux Klan could only dream about, the abortion industry is accomplishing.” He spells out the facts on his websites:

  • In America today, almost as many African-American children are aborted as are born.

  • Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent.
  • More African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer and heart disease combined.
  • Every four days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire 150 year history.
  • Planned Parenthood operates the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics, and almost 80 percent of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.
  • Less than 13 percent of American women are black, but they submit to over 35 percent of abortions.
  • In one week, more blacks are killed in American abortion clinics than were killed in the entire seven years of the Vietnam War.
  • The most dangerous place for an African-American to be is in the womb of his or her African-American mother.

Here’s the good news. Watch the trailer of what may be the most powerful pro-life tool since “The Silent Scream”: “Maafa21.” It’s a two-hour movie that documents the racist beginnings of abortion and the continuation of that racist agenda to this day. The word Maafa in the movie’s title means: “African Holocaust” or the “Holocaust of Enslavement.” The 21 refers to this holocaust in the 21st century.

It was shown on Capital Hill a few weeks ago, and several staff members from the Black Caucus responded to the invitation. One left in tears. She said she came with one “mindset,” but was leaving with a changed life. She hadn’t realized just how committed the abortion movement was with the elimination of her race.

Rep. Trent Franks, R, Ariz., hosted the event and has introduced H.R. 1822 – The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PReNDA) – to protect children who are being aborted because they are the wrong race or gender. And it is starting to pick up steam and cosponsors.

Speaking of radical racism, take a look at Obama’s latest czar appointed to oversee “science.” His name is John Holdren and he co-authored a book in 1977 called “Echo Science: Population, Resources, Environment,” which says things you wouldn’t believe if I told them to you – which is why I’m going to give you the direct quotes. Just keep in mind these quotes calling for forced sterilizations and abortion and a global police force are not from China; they are from Obama’s new science czar:

  • “Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies whether they wanted to or not. The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food.”

  • “Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise. People who contribute to social deterioration (i.e. undesirables) can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility. In other words be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.”
  • “… a transnational planetary regime should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of American’s lives – using an armed international police force.”

It is time to bring an end to racism. Here are three ways I suggest:

  1. End abortion.
  2. Oppose the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.
  3. Expose the radical and racist ideas of Obama’s new “science czar,” John Holdren. Then call for his immediate removal.

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