When Americans talk about their families, health and safety are primary concerns and for many, pets are family, too. So it makes sense to make sure those members of the family are getting something safe to eat.

Most Americans already have heard of the documented problems for pets that are fed tainted pet food from China.

The question, then, is if you have a dog, how can you be sure that he’s going to sink his teeth into a treat that is produced in America, processed in America, and packaged in America?

A great place to go for a solution is KonaChips.com, where you can get a unique brand of dried chicken jerky treats for dogs.

The owners of Kona’s Chips started the brand in 2007 after their beautiful black Pomeranian, Kona, became ill from eating dried chicken breasts imported from China. At six month’s old, Kona had become somewhat addicted to the Chinese-made “chips” (dehydrated chicken breast) when health concerns about the Chinese pet food scare started grabbing national headlines.

After Kona’s breeder assured his owners that he would be fine if he hadn’t shown any ill effects from the Chinese chips in the past month, they continued to be included as a part of his diet. Two weeks later, however, Kona became ill, had no energy, and began to refuse all food except for the addictive Chinese-made chips.

Fortunately, Kona made a full recovery with a lot of love, patience, and care – which included Pedialyte and water forced through a syringe. And of course, no more chips from China.

Kona’s owners began the search for an all-American treat that was safe and worry-free – one that was 100 percent “made in USA” from start to finish. Finding none, Kona’s owners began experimenting with and making their own, starting with 100 percent USDA-inspected chicken. In a few months, they had an all-American product Kona was wild about and brought all the assurances of health and safety along with it.

Food and Drug Administration officials continued to restate their caution to the American public concerning imported pet food as recently as last December (the first caution came in back in September 2007). The FDA told of a potential association between the development of illnesses in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products, which were imported from China. They also have been described as chicken tenders, strips or treats.

The FDA also advised that blood tests taken after the onset of illness indicated conditions as serious as kidney failure, and although many pets appear to recover eventually, other reports include dogs that eventually died.

Kona’s Chips are safely “Made in America” from 100 percent USDA chicken breast with no preservatives. Kona’s Chips use only 100 percent USDA boneless, skinless chicken breast from a major California poultry producer – the same chicken that is delivered to grocery stores and restaurants. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days).

The Kona’s Chips facility is located across from the old Hershey’s facility in Oakdale, Calif., which was shut down over a year ago as operations moved to Mexico. Where Hershey’s won’t employ American workers, Kona’s Chips will!

Kona’s Chips has expanded its popular line of dog treats to include Kona’s Katz, Chicken Krispies, and Hearts and Bones (chicken and sweet potato biscuits).

What can you do as a loving dog owner to protect your pet? First, you can avoid three simple words – Made in China – when displayed on dog food or treats. Second, you can visit KonasChips.com for authentic, all-American chicken jerky treats for your dog that won’t be tainted with Chinese food or additives. After reading the many testimonials from owners whose dogs simply love Kona’s Chips, chances are that once your dog tries them, he will too.


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