Most Americans, and most Christians, believe that when they go to vote in elections they are actually determining who their leaders will be.

The problem with that notion is that biblically nothing could be further from the truth.

The Psalmist says “the heart of the King is in the hand of the LORD” and that God “is the great king of all the earth.” In the New Testament, both Paul and Peter affirm that there is no authority on earth except that which God establishes.

When you accept the truth of what the Scriptures teach on God’s sovereignty over the earth, you will come to two conclusions as a citizen:

  • A Christian’s civic duty is to be obedient to God no matter what the outcome, since God is sovereign over the outcome anyway.

  • We get the very leaders we deserve.

The people of Old Testament Israel once went to their great judge, Samuel, demanding he give them a king like all the other nations had. When Samuel took their petition to God he was grieved, but God told him the people weren’t rejecting Samuel; they were rejecting Him.

So God honored their request and gave them Saul as king. Saul was right out of central casting and certainly looked the part physically, but inside he lacked moral clarity. His first loyalty wasn’t to God, but instead he was constantly trying to please the people instead. Eventually, he became so spiritually blinded by his own inner demons and ambition that the people had exactly what they had asked for – a king just like everyone else.

They got the very leader they deserved.

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Currently, the United States is a very spiritually confused country. On the outside she still has all the trappings of a nation that loves God. There are still many churches – some of the largest in the world in fact – and the Christian religion is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many of our civic leaders quote Scripture in their speeches and campaigns, and many of our government buildings still bear the biblical markings they were given at our founding.

Yet a look from the inside out demonstrates we are a nation playing a very dangerous spiritual game.

Many of our most popular churches are built on little more than self-esteem pop psychology marketed in the same way corporate America sells anything else it wants consumers to flock to. Government at all levels is disregarding God’s Law against murder, theft, lying and perversion – all the while bastardizing God’s Word to justify it. Our families are handing our children over to government indoctrination centers that openly teach them to support that which God says is evil, and then attempts to convince them they are a cosmological accident and not created in the likeness and image of God.

A culture like that produces leaders like Barry Soetoro. How else do you explain the following?

  • The first role of any government is to protect the innocent from evildoers. Yet in a time of war, our government utterly refuses to defend our borders as millions of illegals cross it every year. Ironically enough, our current president could very well be an illegal alien himself, since he still hasn’t produced a long-form birth certificate that our kids have to present to qualify for a local Little League baseball team.

  • Islamic radicals have declared war on our nation, yet we bought the lie our former president told us that we’re all worshipping the same God hook, line and sinker. Ironically enough, our current president has a Muslim-sounding name and has already declared that America “is not a Christian nation” but is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”
  • About 86 percent of Americans claim to be Christians. Yet pornography generates more revenue a year than all the teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. Yet 3,000 babies are slaughtered at the abortion mills every day. Yet we elect politicians who advocate stealing because they will give us what doesn’t belong to us. Ironically enough, our current president claims to be a Christian. However, despite only being in office for less than seven months, he has already expanded abortion beyond our borders, funded the destruction of human embryos, became the first president to declare national perversion pride month, and has stolen billions of dollars from the public treasury all the while claiming it was “stimulus.”

Now we’re getting the very leader we deserve.

If only there were another political party, one that claimed to defend the republic and believe we are one nation under God. If only there were another political party, one that embraced moral absolutes and the rule of law as defined in our Constitution. If only there were another political party we could turn to, one that didn’t stop at providing alternatives that were little more than the lesser of two evils, but instead sought to undo the damage done to this nation by the American left.

There is another political party, one that claims to stand for all of those righteous things. Ironically enough, most of its leaders, pundits and organizers would like to turn the reins of power over to a former governor who pretends to be good while doing what God says is evil. A former governor that signed into law $50 taxpayer funded abortions, became America’s first sodomy marriage governor and provided the big government blueprint for the big government takeover of health care that Soetoro is currently advocating nationally.

Now they’re getting they very leader they deserve.



Steve Deace is the host of “Deace in the Afternoon” on 1040-WHO in Des Moines, the legendary frequency in the first in the nation caucus state where Ronald Reagan was once sports director. His show airs 4-7 p.m. central time and can be heard online at

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