As small business owners, our family hasn’t had health insurance for years, since our daughter became “old enough,” according to our health insurance provider, to bear a child, setting our premiums out of reason.

Actually, in the long run, the company did us a favor. Once we were no longer paying for insurance we found that with the money we were saving we could put two children in braces and finish paying the $10,000 bill left to us by our health insurance provider after a major surgery. We also found we could get other necessities provided at a local medical school where we enrolled in the dental program. There we had our children’s wisdom teeth removed at a discount and were able to have a full mouth of dentistry done on my husband for less than six months of insurance premiums. Our insurance did not cover dental, so we would have been out of pocket for this plus premiums had we carried health insurance.

We also found that our family physicians were able to give us a discount because they did not have to pay someone to help file our visits. This worked in our favor as well when it came to prescriptions because they usually chose the medicine that was the least expensive, often meaning the drug with the fewest side effects, a win-win situation for us. Also, when they wanted to run tests as confirmation, we would politely ask if it would change the treatment and, when the answer was no, we felt empowered to refuse the tests.

The last thing our family needs is to be forced to purchase health insurance. Being forced by the law to make that purchase will make us unable to care properly for our family. It will mean the diminishing of our health care, which is obviously better without insurance! In the last two years, government programs have meant the loss of 27 years of investment of 18-hour days in our business, the loss of our dreams and any hope of rest or retirement. Still, we have fought on without any government aid. The Lord has provided. I’m not the least bit interested in “their” help with my health.


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