Prologue to a new hope?

Last week, President Obama was the keynote speaker at the NAACP’s 100th anniversary celebration. The NAACP is the premier black civil rights organization founded by Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois and other progressives, including several whites, in 1909. Its storied history boasts of a who’s who among black civil rights activists including: civil rights attorneys Thurgood Marshall, Charles Hamilton Houston, Spotswood Robinson, journalists Ida B. Wells and William E. Walling, social workers Mary White Ovington and Henry Moskowitz, just to name a few.

Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase “NAALCP” – National Association for the Advancement of LIBERAL Colored People.” He is right. The NAALCP isn’t the least bit concerned with black Republicans and has nothing but loathing and an abnormally irrational contempt for black conservatives. If you doubt me, just ask Justice Clarence Thomas how much love the NAALCP showed him during his Supreme Court nomination hearings in 1991. Or ask Judge Janice Rogers Brown who during her 2005 confirmation hearing to the 2nd Court of Appeals received only hatred and derision from the NAALCP. Both jurists refused to fashion their jurisprudence on the totalitarian cult of liberalism.

This blatant prejudice against their own people on ideological grounds belies their civil rights moniker as a nonprofit, non-partisan civil rights organization protected by its 501c3 status. In my view, the NAALCP is one of the most radical socialist organizations in America.

Shutting the NAALCP door forever

My relationship with the NAALCP goes back over 35 years ago through my stepfather (Jack Folson), who was one of the ministers of music at Greater New Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Detroit. Who was the pastor? None other than the legendary Judge Benjamin L. Hooks. He was also president of the NAALCP from 1977-92.

KKK’s first targets were Republicans – read how Democrats started the group in “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White”

In the early 1980s, prior to my becoming a conservative, I was about 20 and in need of a summer job. Although Rev. Hooks turned me down from a job I wanted at the NAALCP, I hold no grudges, for I learned long ago from Bishop T.D. Jakes that not only must we thank God when He opens doors, but we need to thank God the more for shutting some doors in our life. Being rejected by Rev. Hooks and the NAALCP was one of those doors that to this day I thank God for shutting, for where would my life be right now if I were merely one of the 96 percent of my people who mindlessly voted for Barack Obama? What manner of man would I be today if I allowed my heart, mind and soul to be poisoned by the false religion of liberalism?

Thank you, God, for shutting some doors in my life.

The NAALCP: 100 years of infamy?

The NAALCP was born out of the progressive movement of the late 19th century. Progressivism favors a statist or egalitarian direction for economic policies (Marxism, socialism) and liberal direction for social policies (welfare state). Progressivism is a radical political and cultural movement in American history whose proponents had a fanatical belief in the verity of science and the will of secular man as having the answers to all tribulations that have plagued humanity.

Certainly, the NAACP was needed in the midst of Jim Crow discrimination and institutional racism that exists to this day, but the means they went about achieving egalitarian (as opposed to equal) rights for black people in many ways have had a diametrical, catastrophic effect on the black family that lingers to this day.

From its genesis, the NAALCP feigned itself as a civil rights organization, but in reality it is a radical socialist organization that only supports leftist politicians, socialist politics and radical liberal causes, even to the detriment of its own membership. Inimical ideas like eugenics, partial-birth abortion, welfare, anti-death penalty, anti-Second Amendment, closing down Guantanamo Bay, pro-radical environmentalism, and amnesty and health care for 30 million illegal aliens are just a sampling of their radical agenda for America.

The NAALCP is virulently anti-conservative and over time increasingly anti-Christian, although ironically, most of the NAALCP membership and leaders are churchgoers and consider themselves “Christians.” Nothing in the NAALCP philosophy provides for self-help, pulling ones’ self up by the bootstraps or being responsible for one’s own life choices and dealing with the consequences as a responsible adult, as Du Bois’ contemporary and intellectual foe, Booker T. Washington, constantly preached until his untimely death in 1915.

Epilogue to an existential despair

Two ago weeks, Obama visited slave castles of Ghana, West Africa, historically one of the most infamous places of torture and abuse on earth. Visitors say that spirits can be felt there in those dark, dank dungeons where millions of Africans over many centuries were sold into chattel slavery, in many cases by their own people.

Yet in modern times, those same spirits are still imprisoned in self-imposed dungeons of dependency, ignorance and a ghetto mentality; black minds who for generations have been poisoned by the lies of liberalism and the nihilism of envy and excessive complaining – all the while shepherded by today’s highly educated oligarchy of black race merchants and poverty pimps.

The cult of liberalism is indeed a deceiving spirit, an invisible slave master whereby 96 percent of black voters, by the tens of millions, willfully chose a man who is presently shackling them in chains of a new slavery of socialism, ignorance, lies, despair and a addiction to government remedies. This insidious connection is made by many others, including a revelatory offering by Judge Janice Rogers Brown who sees the institution of slavery connected to political liberalism bequeathed to us by the civil rights movement.

And that is why I wish you an UnHappy 100th birthday, NAALCP!

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