From video to audio – it’s a snap!

This makes grabbing audio clips and music a snap. Listen to YouTube converts any video into a sound file without having to download software, pay a fee, or use an audio editor. Just paste in the YouTube video URL, and a couple of clicks later you’ve got a converted MP3 audio file. I’m using it all the time for my radio show!

Feel the joy!

This dance down the aisle takes the, er … wedding cake! As of this writing, the video has been viewed by nearly 7 million since it was posted July 19. The unconventional nuptial procession is the latest in what is apparently a growing fad and attracted more than 36,000 comments. The video has gone viral, giving a boost to Chris Brown’s song, “Forever”.

Stats are in on social network plans

If you are a typical user of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or any other social network, you are hitting the social sites an average of five days a week and you’re checking in about four times a day for a total of an hour each day. Nine percent of you stay logged in all day and are constantly checking out what’s new.

The popularity of social networking is climbing by the week with virtually every age bracket, right up to seniors. Today 60 percent of America’s online population use social networks, according to a new study by Anderson Analytics.

A survey of 5,000 U.S. social media users showed:

  • 61% of social media users are under age 35
  • 55% of social media users are female
  • Under 35, people rely on social networks for “fun” and contacting friends
  • Older consumers use them to stay in touch with family and friends

The Anderson report also found an estimated 110 million people in the U.S., 36 percent of the total population, use social media regularly. Of that group, Facebook dominates with 78 million regular users, followed by MySpace with 67 million, Twitter with 17 million and LinkedIn with 11 million regular users.

Who’s your match?

What do Karl Rove, John McCain, Steve Case, KatyInIndy and I have in common? We share the same psychological profile, according to TweetPsych, a program that uses two linguistic analysis algorithms to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets. The service analyzes your last 1,000 tweets and works best on users who have posted more than 1,000 updates. I’m closing in on 5,000 tweets, giving me a pretty accurate fix on my Twitter psych profile. How about you?

A mom’s trick to whiter teeth

With the recession in full swing, many consumers are turning to the Internet to take advantage of special trial offers allowing them to save hundreds of dollars. Karen, an ordinary, modest mom from Santa Cruz, Calif., recently discovered a clever way of combining two different teeth whitening product trials from two different companies – Dazzle White and Easy White – to get one full “super” whitening, comparable to what you might attain at a local dentist for $400 or more, using nothing but trial offers and paying just a few dollars in shipping charges.

A “Heavenly Body”

If you like WWII memorabilia, take a look at this WWII bomber! This web site is dedicated to the crews of the North American B-25 Mitchell Bombers, in particular, the B-25J “Heavenly Body”. These aircraft were manufactured by North American at the Kansas City plant in late 1944 and accepted by the U.S Army Air Force in February 1945 as B-25J-25-NC USAAF s/n 44-30748, North American construction number 108-34023. The history and story of the B-25J “Heavenly Body” is here.

Keeping up with military blogs provides a daily snapshot of the top milblogs, milblogs by country, and “other cool stuff in the military blogosphere.” It currently tracks 2,383 military blogs in 44 countries with 7,822 registered members. To see them all, click on the link.

Buckle up!

How do the Obama deficits compare with past presidents? And how did the national debt get so big anyway? This video tries to answer those questions by looking at the debt as a road trip and seeing how fast different administrations have been traveling.

ACORN, Obama, Zelaya and Churchill

Rocker Ted Nugent took top honors in this week’s top political posts as determined by the Watcher’s Council, a group of bloggers that rounds up and votes the best of the blogs every week. To see all 15 winners, hit the link.

Top Blogs this week:

9/12 March on Washington gaining ground

With just seven weeks to go until the 9/12 March on Washington, over 300 registrations are being submitted each day to the 9/12 DC website, which now reports well over 14,000 registrations for the protest. The site features a map dotted with red push pins, each representing a registrant. The heaviest concentration of red blankets the eastern United States, but the West Coast has a generous speckling, as does flyover country. Register your intention to attend the September “March on Washington,” interact with others and get helpful information.

Totally Tube-ular

Catch Glenn when you can

Glenn Beck was the originator of the 9/12 Project that activated thousands of his radio listeners and TV show viewers. His weekday show on Fox News Channel airs at 5 p.m. ET, not necessarily a convenient time for working folks. Now you can watch all his shows plus other “bonuses” at Glenn Beck Clips.

Through the peep hole at cable news

Insider gossip about the cable news channel personalities, internal chatter, anchor wars and more.

Inside the Oval with “Big Guy”

Still the best satire your virtual tax dollars can buy.

Looking back

Entering the Forbidden City of Mecca, 1853

“…a splendid camel in front of me was shot through the heart.” An intrepid British explorer risks his life to enter the holy city of Mecca.

The Rough Riders Storm San Juan Hill, 1898

The successful charge up an obscure hill in Cuba during the Spanish-American War puts Theodore Roosevelt on the path to the presidency.

Entering a Nazi Death Camp, 1944

“It looked singularly harmless.” A reporter describes the first Death Camp liberated by Allied troops.

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