And getting cooperation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service…

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Recently two European scientists contacted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expressing their desire to study the grizzly bear. One was from France and the other was from the Czech Republic.

They were given permission to study them in Yellowstone National Park. Upon arrival they were assigned to a park ranger who would guide them as they made their observations.

As it was mating season, the three soon found a pair of grizzlies traveling together in their natural habitat. They were observed feeding, mating, and sleeping and the Europeans were very excited about the success of their studies.

Their presence was being tolerated by the two bears until one day when they apparently got too close. The bears became agitated and charged.

The three men turned to flee. After running for several hundred yards, the ranger stopped and looked behind expecting to see the other two. To his dismay, they were nowhere to be seen.

He continued back to the ranger station and returned with another ranger.

Each came armed with a rifle. Upon reaching the scene, they saw the female bear standing over a pile of clothing. Assuming she had eaten at least one of the scientists, they promptly shot her. They cut her open to see if she had eaten one or both of them. They found only the remains of the French scientist.

One of the rangers uttered a big sigh and said, “I guess you know what this means.”

The other ranger replied “Yes, the Czech is in the male.”

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