Editor’s note: This report and its images will be objectionable to some readers.

Posting warning against inappropriate behavior (Photo by Americans for Truth)

A sex party in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district is maintaining its XXX-rated character – with full nudity and public sex acts – despite promises from police that they would not allow participants to violate indecent exposure laws.

A report from Americans for Truth About Homosexuality documented this  Up Your Alley street fair.

The San Francisco homosexual newspaper Bay Area Reporter had reported about three months ago San Francisco police promises to restrict public sex acts. The police warned organizers the future of the festivities would be in doubt if participants were not controlled.

According to the report, the promise from police came after two people filed multiple complaints with the city’s Office of Citizen Complaints against more than a dozen officers assigned to the 2008 event.

The complaints raised questions about the officers’ refusal to cite participants who appeared nude and engaged in public sex acts.

A website called Zombietime previously published a series of disturbing, explicit photographs of the events on San Francisco’s streets.

Americans for Truth, run by Peter LaBarbera, also has documented the violations.

San Francisco street fair participant (Photo by Americans for Truth)

So this year LaBarbera dispatched a volunteer to visit the “Up Your Alley” event.

“Men walked around in full frontal nudity and even engaged in oral sex acts on the streets of San Francisco at a sadomasochistic street fair here Sunday — belying reports that police and city authorities would crack down on public nudity and lewdness,” his report confirmed.

The volunteer, “Ron,” with the St. Joseph’s Men Society, took pictures of the event, he said.

“Ron’s photos show that despite the reports that anti-nudity and -lewdness laws would be strictly enforced at this year’s ‘Up Your Alley’ street fair, they were not,” LaBarbera’s report said.

According to the volunteer photographer, who has documented the last two “Up Your Alley” events, “Last year, police were patrolling the UYA street fair. I encountered several police that were walking past men masturbating and exposing themselves, many completely nude. I asked the police why they were not enforcing the law. One policeman stated they were there to protect the attendees, not to enforce the laws, and were passive for political reasons. Another said that as long as the fair attendees were inside the fair they could do whatever they wanted – yet at that time I could clearly see nudity from across the street.

San Francisco police at recent street fair (Photo by Americans for Truth)

“This year, I did not see one policeman patrolling inside the fair. I did see several police talking amongst themselves at one entrance as though they were at a cocktail party. There was no attempt to patrol or enforce the laws against public nudity, sex and drug-use. One policeman told me that they were on ‘fixed posts.’ I did see one guy with a ‘Folsom Security’ vest wearing a skirt patrolling the area doing what the police were doing last year: nothing,” he said.

Police took no action even though posted signs said, “Lewd behavior is illegal and will be interrupted.”


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