The Smoking Gun

WorldNetDaily’s headline story over the weekend, “Is this really smoking gun of Obama’s Kenyan birth?” created quite a buzz of activity at Free Republic’s site, where some 150,000 viewers looked in on a forum post that featured both WND’s article and attorney Orly Taitz’ revelation of yet another purported Obama birth certificate.

At the time of this writing, more than 4,500 “Freeper” comments had been generated on the topic in well under 24 hours. Free Republic spokesman Kristinn Taylor said the site activity was not a record breaker, but came “pretty close,” proving that the Obama eligibility issue is not going away anytime soon.

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane

The Anchoress posted a video of DeGeneres’ commencement speech at Tulane University, in which the famous comedienne shares the story of writing a letter to God, which in turn gave her the vision for launching her career in comedy.

The Anchoress points out, “There comes a moment in all of our lives when we get a sense of what we are born for. Degeneres got it when she wrote that letter to God. Whether she realized it or not, she had a blessing at that moment, a revelation. In her exquisite pain she wrote the whole, honest truth; she revealed herself or, in another sense, gave herself up. And in response she got the truth back at her, an answer, in the form of a ‘showing’ (or a knowing if you will) of what her life would be.”

Exposing the Weasels

This week the Watcher of Weasels team found the cream of the crop in the blogosphere and mainstream media that superbly exposed weasels in our midst. Here are the top five. Check out WoW for the entire list.

Reflections from the rearview mirror


On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima from the U.S. B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

President Harry S. Truman, announcing the news from the cruiser USS Augusta in the mid-Atlantic, said the device was over 2,000 times more powerful than the largest bomb used to date. Hiroshima was one of the chief supply depots for the Japanese army.


On August 9, 1945, American forces dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki – the second such attack on Japan in three days. The bomb was dropped by parachute from an American B29 bomber and exploded about 1,625 feet above the ground and was believed to have completely destroyed the city, situated on the western side of the Japanese island of Kyushu.”>1974: President Nixon resigned from office

Richard Nixon announced he was stepping down as president of the United States – the first man ever to do so – in the face of an imminent impeachment trial and possible removal from office over the Watergate affair. The president broke the news of his resignation in a televised broadcast from the White House.

‘Toon in

Create a cartoon character of yourself!

And speaking of cartoons, check out the talented political cartoonist Chris Muir, whose Day by Day strip gives a concise and hip take on current events.

Don’t Touch that dial! You never know where it’s been!

Did you see this on Glenn Beck’s TV program Friday? Watch it. Now. You’ll be so-o-o-o glad you did.

GE – Brings good things to fight?

A series of insider posts begins here about the quiet cease-fire that’s been negotiated between Olbermann and O’Reilly concerning GE and its news division.

The Library Spot

Check out more than books at The Library Spot – for a million reasons.

Feel the joy, Redux

Last week I told you about an unconventional dance down the aisle.

Here’s the follow up to last week’s most watched video.

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