Recently, I posted about the comments the Bloviator made on his show, when he – thank God – settled the birth certificate matter once and for all. My piece was titled “It’s Settled. The Bloviator Said So.”

Rewind to last May, when I reprinted a letter written by attorney John Hemenway, a man of some accomplishment, to his longtime school chum Rupert Murdoch, media mogul and owner of News Corp., whose holdings include Fox News.

In it, Hemenway asked Murdoch why he wasn’t allowing his news anchors and reporters to investigate the strange and mysterious background of Barack Obama, to wit, the birth certificate and other vital records that would show us just exactly who Obama is.

OK, fast forward to the present and try not to get whiplash – today, Margaret Hemenway has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging the Spin Factor Bloviator Bill O’Reilly to put up or shut up.

Now watch the red-hot eligibility story on DVD: “A Question of Eligibility: Is Obama’s presidency constitutionally legitimate?”

Margaret is Hemenway’s daughter, a woman of impressive credentials herself. She spent 15 years on Capitol Hill, in both the House and Senate, and five years as a White House appointee serving President Bush at both DoD and NASA. Today she is a contributing editor to Family Security Matters.

On Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show, O’Reilly reassured his viewers that there is nothing to the Obama birth certificate controversy, that it is bogus, and so forth.

He said, “… ‘The Factor’ investigated. Found out that it’s bogus … and again, we found that President Obama was born in Hawaii. We sent (for) the documents. …”

Later in the same show, O’Reilly repeated this assurance after a segment with Ann Coulter:

“As we mentioned, ‘The Factor’ debunked the whole birth certificate deal more than a year ago. It was easy. The state of Hawaii sent us a copy of the document. End of story.”

We expect better than this from the cable news network that promises us “fair and balanced” reporting and which has been a large reason up until now that Fox has been drawing viewers away from the liberal networks that used to dominate the television airwaves. We expect even more, however, from Mr. O’Reilly who proudly labels his program the “No Spin Zone.” I don’t know about you, but I think lately he’s spinning like a top. …

So, how did O’Reilly get his documents from Hawaii, if indeed he did? Did some Hawaiian official violate state law and sneak Bill O’Reilly a bootlegged copy of the birth certificate – and does it offer up Obama’s doctor and hospital since that critical, identifying information is missing on the “online” version, the Certification of Live Birth (not to be confused with an actual “long form” or “vault” certificate)?

Besides, why did Mr. Obama have his vital records, his passport file and his school records all sealed and vaulted at considerable expense by his legal defense team?

Glad you asked, Margaret. How did he indeed? Either the Factor Spin-Stops-Here-Poppinjay has the birth certificate, or, as Ms. Hemenway puts it, “he’s spinning like a top.”

Which is it, Mr. Big Stuff? Show it or fold. Let’s see how much of a stand-up guy you are.

Here’s more about the issue that will not go away.

From Paula Gordon, academician, writer and researcher who has undertaken a scholarly study of Obama’s eligibility issue. She has written copiously on the subject at her website Eligibility Questions. Here she addresses her point to The Bloviator who last week smugly assured his viewers that Obama is a natural born citizen.

An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly Concerning Unanswered Constitutional Eligibility Questions

July 29, 2009

Copyright 2009 by Author. Reprint Rights Reserved

Reprinted with Permission of the Author

Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

Regarding your on air comments on July 28, 2009:

The Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) that has been shown on the Internet and TV is not the same as a long form birth certificate.

  • It was possible at the time of Mr. Obama’s birth for parents to get a COLB for children not born in Hawaii.

  • A COLB also fails to contain the attending physician’s name and name of the hospital of birth.
  • At the time in 1961 the birth notices in the Advertiser in Honolulu were taken from the Health Department’s records.
  • Dr. Fukino’s statement that Mr. Obama “is a natural-born American citizen” does not make him a “natural born citizen” under the Constitution. Dr. Fukino has likely confused “natural born” with “native born.” Being “native born” would make Mr. Obama a citizen, but not a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution. There is owing to the fact that his father was not an American citizen, meaning that Mr. Obama had “dual citizenship” at birth.
  • Forensic document experts have found problems with the authenticity of the widely displayed COLB. Even if there were no questions of the COLB’s authenticity, there would be a need for an authenticated long form birth certificate.
  • Even if the long form birth certificate becomes available, eligibility questions would still remain since by his own admission, Mr. Obama was a “dual citizen” at birth. According to many constitutional scholars, a person holding “dual citizenship” at birth cannot be considered a “natural born citizen” and therefore does not meet the eligibility requirements for president.
  • Even if Mr. Obama had been a “natural born citizen” at birth, his adoption by an Indonesian stepfather and indications that he attended universities in the U.S. as a foreign student and traveled using an Indonesian passport would mean that he had become an Indonesian citizen beginning in childhood. Owing to the withholding or sealing of university records, passport information and records pertaining to the status of his citizenship, it is not possible to ascertain what the status of his citizenship has been in the years since his childhood.

Researching these matters is challenging since key documents are not available. Even if they were available, legal questions might well remain. If those answers cannot be found in “settled law,” Supreme Court clarification will be required.

For supporting information, see

Obama’s eligibility issue is not going away any time soon, despite invectives hurled from the left and whining from many on the right. Au contraire. We are definitely GO for main engine start. In fact, we’re getting ready to light the candles too.

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