I find it very disturbing that the current political climate of this presidential administration and majority Congress seems to perpetuate the negative behavior of attacking and discounting the good intentions of American citizens, just because they dare to voice their opposition to government-run health care. Even more alarming is the notice coming from the White House asking Americans to basically “snitch” on anyone who is spreading “disinformation” about this legislation. What is their arbitrary definition of “disinformation”? How do they intend to use this information?

Americans are increasingly frustrated that many of our elected representatives don’t appear to be representing the wishes of the majority of their constituents. Instead of listening to us, and making a commitment to vote “no” against the current proposed health care legislation, many representatives and their political party choose not only to ignore us, but also attempt to demonize, or minimize, Americans’ right to freedom of speech and peaceful dissent, simply because they don’t agree with us.

Americans find these attempts to suppress free speech and debate alarming and unacceptable. Apparently, it is more politically expedient for many politicians to discount these protests as being “manufactured,” rather than accepting them at face value for what they are – ordinary Americans voicing their disapproval of this legislation. A more accurate, truthful depiction of what is occurring is that partisan politicians are actually the ones “manufacturing” outrage against the people they serve.

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Is this what America has come to? Why do our elected officials think they have the right to ignore the people’s mandates? Why do our elected officials continue to ignore their allegiance to our Constitution and legislate away our freedoms? Why do our elected officials exclude themselves from being affected by their own legislation? Why do our elected officials want to bankrupt our country? Why do some representatives continue to lie about the true content and repercussions of government-run health care when talking about this legislation? Is there no honesty and love-for-country left in Congress? Have they no conscience?

We the people are not ignorant; many of us have read this legislation and can see with our own eyes and intelligence that all this bill does is rob us of our freedom of choice, invades our privacy and fails to reform health care. The Constitution does not give the government the authority to do this – it goes against every founding principle of our great country.

So, our representatives should not be surprised that Americans are angry and vocal about this health care legislation that many politicians are trying to cram down our throats and rush through Congress. It’s much too costly in terms of dollars and loss of freedoms. It’s our bodies, our choices and a personal matter that government has no business being involved in. It expands government, which per our Constitution should play a limited role in affairs, and violates and decreases our individual liberties. We don’t want this type of reform. There are much better alternatives to reforming health care that don’t exacerbate our debts, deficits and violate our constitutional rights.

Freedom-loving Americans need to campaign aggressively against any representative that votes for this legislation. Take the time to rally other ordinary citizens you know in any state to work toward electing people to Congress that share our love and allegiance to our Constitution and founding principles. If politicians refuse to represent the wishes of the majority of Americans who have told them “NO,” then we need to find honest representatives to serve in Congress that will truly represent the voice of the people. After all, isn’t that what America is all about?

Our representatives in Congress must listen to the majority of Americans and do the job they were elected to do. They need to stop playing partisan politics and do what is right for America. Politicians are primarily concerned about getting re-elected. Here’s a tip, getting re-elected is simple – just uphold your constitutional oath, ditch your partisan ideology, and work diligently to represent the wishes of the majority of your constituents.

Cathy Keys

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