In his recent appearance on the Roger Hedgecock Show, Richard Botkin, author of “Ride the Thunder,” shares the heroic and largely untold story of how South Vietnamese warriors and their American counterparts almost won the Vietnam War.

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Listen to “Ride the Thunder” author Richard Botkin’s interview with top-rated radio host Roger Hedgecock.

Marine Capt. Botkin toured battlefields in Vietnam and has chronicled the Vietnamese military organization called TQLC, whose members, with their American advisers, “fought, bled, endured and triumphed against communism.”

Botkin’s book tells a new Vietnam history with a unique twist – a happy and inspiring ending. It has been an instant hit with booksellers and reviewers, Vietnam vets and the South Vietnamese community in the U.S.

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In his interview with Hedgecock, Botkin said his goal in writing the book was to “honor and affirm the warrior” with a story about brave men facing tough times and overcoming in the face of extreme adversity.

The South Vietnamese forces thwarted the North Vietnamese Easter Offensive in 1972 with help from American airpower. They rallied to the cause and actually defeated the North during that key battle. At Dong Ha 700 South Vietnamese fighters and their allies held off an advancing North Vietnamese army of 20,000.

Botkin described the South Vietnamese Marines as “wonderful troops” and “warriors that any American would be proud to serve beside.”

“I think most people have a completely uninformed or misinformed opinion of the Vietnam War,” Botkin told WND in an exclusive interview. “Most Americans, including people who served in Vietnam, didn’t appreciate the level of sacrifice of the South Vietnamese. These people love freedom.”

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