Top 10 signs your company health plan has switched to Obamacare.

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10. Employees given do-it-yourself heart bypass kits.

9. Must now schedule doctor appointments through the DMV.

8. As you’re wheeled in for surgery you’re greeted by Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly and Dr. Moe.

7. You’re given end-of-life counseling, but you’ve only got a hangnail.

6. Creepy guy in the mailroom now in charge of gynecological exams.

5. Baby delivery only done in drive-through line.

4. When you ask for a raise, boss gives you Viagra.

3. Employee of the month program changed to amputee of the month.

2. When you call to make a doctor appointment, person answering phone laughs uncontrollably.

And the number one sign your company health plan has switched to Obamacare …

1. Regardless of what’s wrong with you, you’re told to take two aspirin and call back in the morning.

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