What kind of nightmare is this?

It’s all over the television and radio, on the front pages of the newspapers, even YouTube and Twitter. Everywhere you turn, night or day, you see angry confrontations, people waving signs, congressmen and senators and administration spokesmen plaintively trying to placate growing crowds of citizens demanding to be heard. Pushing and shoving, strong-arm security guys grabbing questioners and wrestling them out of town hall meetings. Ordinary American men and women, with faces flushed and veins standing out, raising their voices in a clamor of discontent and adamant resistance.

Is America turning into one big “Jerry Springer Show”?

You’ve seen that monstrosity – we all have. People from trailer parks and bar rooms grappling with each other, cursing and accusing, flailing and pulling hair, throwing chairs and each other around the stage … while the host looks amazed, as if he himself can’t comprehend how this mayhem could be happening. When he himself arranged and produced it. When his staff consciously seeks people who will degrade themselves and others this way, creating wealth and big ratings for Mr. Springer.

For the moment, it could appear to someone just waking from a long sleep that his show became a virus that spread nationwide, infecting our whole republic.

Big difference, though. Latest polls show that 53 percent of current news coverage is dealing with Obama’s health care plan and the mounting disapproval of it. His own approval ratings are plummeting, and his minions in Congress are desperately trying to use media, accusing demonstrators of being orchestrated by “right-wing conspirators.” (Remember Hillary’s phrase?) They’re actually calling questioners at town hall meetings “unpatriotic,” – even portraying them as “carrying swastikas” like Nazis!

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And while Barack Obama, very Springer-like, tries to position himself above the fray, calling for “reason” and “polite discourse,” it’s increasingly obvious that he himself is the arranger/producer of the whole fracas. Having already plunged our country into unmanageable debt, he is attempting to ram a devastating universal socialized medical system down our throats.

The similarities are painfully, ominously obvious. But the difference, the irony, is that these protests aren’t “arranged,” or staged, or premeditated by anybody – no group or billionaire or union. While young candidate Obama was schooled and mentored by Saul Alinsky, the master theorist of leftist political agitators, and he and ACORN purposely organized community uprisings to further their political aims – they apparently weren’t ready for a genuine public uprising, a widespread grass-roots outcry against policies that almost anybody can see will have devastating effects on all our lives.

ACORN, currently under investigation for fraud and corruption in 14 states, actually paid poor people to vote numerous times, for things they hardly had a notion about. “Community organizer” Obama learned how to whip up resistance and demands and protests to “get things done” in communities. Public meetings were the best, because they drew unwelcome attention to officials and businesses that weren’t being compliant. He learned well. And ACORN helped him get elected president of the United States. Now, as part of his “health care” proposal, he’ll see that any and all ACORN employees can expect their total health needs to be underwritten by us taxpayers! This, on top of megamillions he’s already steered toward ACORN and its sister organization SEIU.

He’s certainly generous – with our money – to his friends.

So it’s a delicious irony to witness his and Axelrod’s and Emanuel’s inability to handle the tables being turned on them! They cry “foul” and “orchestration,” because that’s how politics works, in their Chicago experience. A real, spontaneous, nationwide groundswell of anger and demand for responsive representation – in big cities and little towns – is something they didn’t anticipate. Or even imagine.

After all, they own the White House and control both houses of Congress, don’t they? Who could possibly derail their audacious, unprecedented power plays?

The people, that’s who.

Yes, just plain common folks, heartland Americans who are a lot smarter than this administration thinks they are – citizens who can read and understand and look at the small print and the implications of measures in a 1,017-page bill that even Democrat congressmen say they can’t read or understand.

Poor unsuspecting Sens. Specter and McCaskill and other Congress members had no idea that the people they’re supposed to represent could, and would, figure out for themselves that if you don’t have the money to pay for something, YOU DON’T DO IT! And you don’t pay for ANYTHING with millions of pieces of paper backed by empty promises and skewed predictions!

And none of this freshman hierarchy could imagine that their own media friends would detail:

  • Congress plans to pay for this “reform” by cutting $500 billion from Medicare. – Washington Post (July 16)

  • There will be long waits for care. –USA Today (July 17)
  • There will be cuts to MRIs, CAT scans and other vital tests. – Associated Press (June 24)
  • Seniors will lose their choice of doctors. – New York Times (April 2)
  • Government bureaucrats – not doctors – will decide if older patients are worth the costs of care. –L.A. Times (June 25)

Friends, these are not “right-wing” talk-show hosts holding the president’s feet to the fire – these are some of the most liberal media outlets in the country! Even they are realizing that this bloated, misleading and outrageous scheme will set the stage, in actual practice and predictable bureaucratic perversion, for Orwellian governmental control over who gets care and what kind. They factually have to report that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cut Medicare by $500 billion and still provide for the 40 million more baby boomers who are coming into eligibility! The president’s analysts say they can – but ordinary citizens know it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

We the people are very troubled by the creation of 53 “czars” over every function of government, superseding constitutional offices.

We the people are incensed to find that the first lady, after six months in the White House, has 20 attendants (Hillary had three; Jackie Kennedy and Laura Bush had one each) being paid – by us – over $1,500,000 a year, just in salaries, not counting travel and personal expenses!

We the people have quit wasting our time on Jerry Springer and his idea of entertainment. And we the people are losing confidence in this president and his idea of government.

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