NASA is counting down to a Tuesday space shuttle launch! Follow the action with cool NASA stuff – in real time!

Travel through virtual space on NASA’s Twitter page, where you’ll find real-time NASA launch and mission updates as well as links to some pretty cool websites like this one on all the behind-the-scenes action. Watch a live NASA TV feed from inside the International Space Station. Totally awesome!

To see when the Shuttle and/or the ISS – International Space Station – will be passing over your town, here’s the schedule for the USA, and here’s the worldwide schedule.

Heavenly tweets!

Twitter has now entered the world of virtual prayer at the Western Wall, part of the Jewish Second Temple in Jerusalem. The brainchild of an economics student, you send your 140 character message or prayer to his website at Tweet Your Prayers, and he’ll transcribe them and take them to the Wall. He says he got the idea after seeing how Twitter was used by protesters in Iran. The service is free, but donations are welcome.

Location is everything

Twitter will soon unveil a a new feature that will add longitude and latitude to any tweet. View tweets written by people in your city, neighborhood or building. In a post on the company blog, Biz Stone suggested that the feature would be particularly useful for people following an event like a concert or an earthquake. Twitter will first offer the location feature to developers, who can create applications using Twitter. Later, it will add the feature to Twitter’s main site for all users who will have the option to activate the feature. Or not.

Birds on a wire

Keep up with Twitter’s latest developments at Twitter’s blog site.

One last tweet before we fly off topic …

Liberal bloggers admit conservatives have the upper hand on Twitter. This will tell you why they think so.

Deadly texting

Texting while driving is a growing concern. This 4 minute long video graphically portrays what happens to a carful of teenage girls when the driver takes her eyes off the road to text message a friend. The video was produced in the United Kingdom as a public service advisory to warn of the dangers of texting behind the wheel, and has been seen by well over a million YouTube viewers, who have left more than 1,500 comments.

Because of the graphic content, you’ll have to sign in to watch it, but it is well worth it. Show it to your teen. It’s a lesson they’ll not soon forget. And that’s the point.


Imagine all your favorite movies, photos, and TV shows all in one place. As Fox News reporter Reena Ninan reported last week, “First there was TV. Then there was Facebook. Now there’s Boxee, a type of media Facebook that helps you discover content based on what you like and by knowing what your friends are doing.”

Boxee is a free, open-source media software platform that integrates personal media with Internet media along with a social networking component that lets you share info about what you’re listening to or watching with other Boxee users or friends on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Boxee is designed for your TV and use of a remote control. Just download the free software and connect your computer to the TV screen. Convergence, baby!

A visual odyssey

One of the most consistently fascinating and beautiful blogs, BibliOdyssey has reached 1,000 entries with the post, “One Thousand: The Best of BibliOdyssey.”

Prepare to spend some time perusing fascinating and exotic illustrations and their history, from alchemy laboratories to fabulous parrots and everything in between – a treasure trove of fascinating glimpses into the esoteric.

Net addiction

Are you spending too much time texting, playing video games or in front of the computer? Do you find yourself spending increasing amounts of time on your computer and internet activities? Do you crave more time on the computer and Internet? Are you experiencing physical changes such as weight gain or loss, backaches, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome? If so, you could have an internet addiction.

America’s first Internet/gaming addiction center will help. Located in Fall City, Wash., near Microsoft’s headquarters, the retreat is called reSTART and its Internet addiction recovery program offers a 45-day program at a 6-bed, family-style retreat for $14,500, not covered by insurance. Get your life back. More info online at this Twitter page. Savor the irony.


15 unfortunately place ads

12 funniest wedding cake toppers

Boneless wonders

Reflections in the rearview mirror

65 years ago this week

On Aug. 25, 1944, Paris was liberated when Germans surrendered after four years of occupation.

31 years ago this week

On Aug. 22, 1978, Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s president and founding father, died at his home in Mombasa. In his book “The Obama Nation”, Jerome R. Corsi wrote extensively of Kenyatta and the impact he had on the life of Barack Obama Sr., the father of our current president.

Kenya achieved independence on Dec. 12, 1963, when Jomo Kenyattta of the Kenyan African National Union formed a government in which he served as both president and prime minister, ending a period of British colonialism that stretched back to the late nineteenth century.

30 years ago this week

On Aug. 27, 1979, an Irish Republican Army bomb killed Lord Louis Mountbatten, England’s Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, on his boat in Ireland.

Movie Trivia

This week’s movie trivia takes us to the land of the pirogue. Name the character, the actor, and the movie in which these lines were spoken: “Some are born to fail; others have failure thrust upon them.”

Send your answer to me via email (address below). The first three readers to guess correctly will be announced in next week’s Surfin’ Safari.

Last week’s movie trivia winners were readers Bill Kelley, Tom Cox of Charlotte, Tenn., and Mary Dupre, who correctly identified character Lonesome Rhodes, played by actor Andy Griffith in the 1957 movie “A Face in the Crowd.”

Who’s watching the weasels?

Here are five of them. More where these came from:

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