President Obama reminds me of the person who is willing to go to any extreme to get what they want, or to remain in whatever situation they are in. We all know at least one person like this – someone who is honest with their mate when it is to their advantage – someone who has figured out how to mislead family, friends, therapists and employers – someone who is emotionally unstable and willing to destroy the lives of all around them, including their children. Frequently, their rationale is that since life has dealt them a cruel blow, they’ll pass it around.

Such people create twisted fantasy worlds in which they control everything from time and space to the destructive affectation of their children. However, the important thing is that, until now, the people we know who are like this weren’t presidents of the United States.

Obama has shown his willingness to throw his late grandmother and self-described mentors under the bus without a blink. A central theme of his campaign was his misquoting and misusing the scripture verse Matthew 25:40. He called on us to attend to the needs of the so-called “least of these” while he, with his multi-million dollar net worth and growing influence, allowed his aunt to be evicted from arguably the worst public housing slum in Boston. He lectured us about giving to the poor as his brother, George, lived in a shanty-shack in Nairobi on less than $1 a month.

Now, with his universal health-care legislation in trouble, Obama once again shows his willingness to use any person, group and/or means to get what he wants. This time he has singled out liberal groups who masquerade under the banner of religion. Let’s take a look.

First of all, even though he is Lord Obama, where does the president get the authority to encourage groups to break the law, his relationship with ACORN notwithstanding? Nearly all churches are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. As such, they are expressly prohibited from participating in political speech or activities. Without reciting “The Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention by 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organizations,” let there be no doubt that, no matter how it starts out their participation, as sought by Obama, will devolve into violations of their tax status.

The other point worth making is that Obama’s hypocrisy undermines his two cents
worth of evangelical Christian credibility he likes to boast about.

It’s bad enough that Obama claims belief in the God of Christianity while advocating the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. It’s bad enough that he has misquoted and twisted scripture for his own narcissistic ends, but now, he has exited his adytum with the idea of using liberalism masked as Christianity to bludgeon the opposition into submission by painting them as insensitive, and if necessary, as racist.

For a president to make tools of those whom he, as a self-professed Christian should in no way encourage, bespeaks of his narcissistic character. It’s all about him and what he wants – and to that end, he will do anything to attain it.

It’s one thing to treat those who are antithetical to true Christianity with respect and kindness where it is warranted – but it is quite another to encourage them in their waywardness – and in his maniacal determinedness he’s willing to do just that to force a government-run health care system upon an ever-growing majority of people who do not want it.

The question that isn’t being asked is, if Obama’s universal health care reform is so good for the people, why has it been necessary for he and his minions to keep changing and obfuscating what is in the bill? Why don’t they just come out and refute our assertions by citing page and paragraph numbers?

They can’t do that because they haven’t read the bill. We the public have read it and are not only giving an accurate accounting of what’s in it but telling people what page to find the information on.

What does it say about a man, more importantly, a president, who will abandon his family members in need, disassociate himself from those he called life-long friends, turn his back on mentors in a moment’s notice, throw his now late grandmother under the bus, and cherry pick Bible verses when it suits his needs and advantage, even though true scripture condemns such deceitfulness? It says he cannot be trusted. It says that he is a morally opprobrious person without boundaries or constraints. It says that, if selling out his office and/or country is the only way to get what he wants, he will do it.

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