Many members of the clergy must be using the Bible like the old Sears catalogue – for toilet paper – because they obviously don’t read it.

Last week, another once-great church succumbed to the relentless, media-savvy campaign of determined homosexuality. “Leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America voted to lift the ban that prohibited sexually active gay and lesbian people from serving as ministers,” reported the Associated Press.

In July, the Episcopal House of Bishops and laity approved liturgies for same-sex couples and endorsed the right to elect gay bishops. Lutherans and Episcopalians join other denominational giants, Unitarians and Presbyterians, in their reckless moral compromise.

All failed to do their homework on homosexuality, a lifestyle that can only be described as sexual and spiritual quicksand.

This ecumenical green light, masquerading as enlightened sensitivity, is a hate crime of colossal proportions. It endangers those captured by a stubborn and perplexing sexual predilection and reinforces the lie that all is well with their souls.

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“When God is alleged to sanction the abominable, a religious travesty is being played out, and boldly. The travesty is twofold. Not only are believers falling into homosexual sin and legitimizing it, but uninformed heterosexual Christians are applauding them as they do!” writes ex-gay-rights activist Joe Dallas in his book, “The Gay Gospel?”

“The same-gender couples I know live in love and faithfulness and are called to proclaim the word of God, as are all of us,” purrs the Rev. Leslie Williamson of Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Plaines, Ill.

True, there are same-sex pairs who live in loving concert. But most do not. Domestic violence “is widespread among both gay and lesbian couples,” write Tod W. Burke and Stephen S. Owen, professors of criminal justice at Radford University, in their paper “Same-sex domestic violence: Is anyone listening?”

As to Williamson’s claim of “faithfulness,” in the classic “Homosexualities: A Study of Diversity Among Men and Women,” authors A.P. Bell and M.S. Weinberg, discovered that promiscuity is epidemic throughout the gay community.

And Rev. Williamson, what “word of God” is proclaimed by homosexual sex? Not the Word heralded by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus.

There are reasons why homosexuality is so thoroughly condemned in Scripture. A quick statistical scan of drug and alcohol addiction, violence, suicide, self-harm and disease rates among homosexuals should convince even the dimmest intellect that God’s stark condemnation is a cautionary paternal edict.

“Sexual relationships between members of the same sex expose gays, lesbians and bisexuals to extreme risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), physical injuries, mental disorders and even a shortened life span,” writes internist Dr. John R. Diggs Jr. in his report “The Health Risk of Gay Sex.”

Tim Mumm, a gay Lutheran assembly delegate, dismisses biblical admonitions as “written by mortals.” His outlook is no doubt promulgated by spiritually anemic pastors, priests and rabbis who themselves discount Scripture and soft-pedal its bold commands. Their disregard reflects a shared ignorance of the text’s unique mystical properties long pondered by readers.

“Every passage, every word, every number … is there for a specific reason. A skillful design pervades the whole,” says Chuck Missler, an Annapolis alum, engineer and former corporate CEO. Missler, an expert in applied mathematics, advanced statistics and information sciences, adds, “The Bible is an integrated message system from outside our dimensions of space and time.”

To validate homosexual sex, laissez-faire laity and clergy must invalidate the Bible’s claim to be “God-breathed and … useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” Or as Dostoyevsky says in his parable, “The Grand Inquisitor” (from “The Brothers Karamazov”), “If there is no God, all things are permissible.”

Is it any wonder that congregants, spiritually in sync with the Almighty, abandon these apostate churches?

There is bad news and Good News for gays. Bad news: Homosexuality remains an abomination to our Father. The Good News: He provides a way of escape. Through godly counsel coupled with divine intervention and healing, there is a path out for those who yearn to live in the truth.

Religious leaders would be wise to revisit their error. God does not suffer fools well. He will hold accountable those in authority who lead their flocks over the edge.

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