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Madonna's menu: 110 lbs. of kosher meat


TEL AVIV – Kosher meat eaters beware: If you want your fill of T-bone and rib-eye, be sure to show up at the butcher shop before Madonna’s personal chefs arrive.

The Material Girl is in Tel Aviv to perform the last two concerts of her “Sticky and Sweet” worldwide tour.

She arrived in the Holy Land yesterday, and just after her plane touched down, her culinary crew scurried about the seaside city buying up a storm of high protein foods.

At Eazo Meat and Wine Shop, an upscale Kosher butchery on Tel Aviv’s trendy Ben Yehuda Street, a chef, sous chef and professional purchaser, all speaking with British accents, were seen by WND carting off cases of meats into a minivan for Madonna and her legion of dancers.

Madonna’s food team was easily identifiable. They all wore t-shirts with logos for the Queen of Pop’s latest tour.

The Israeli brothers who run Eazo refused to comment for this story.

Madonna’s culinary team then hit up a local fish store.

A source at the hotel kitchen where Madonna’s food is being prepared told WND the menu for the singer and her crew today included about 110 pounds of meat, including rib-eye and T-bone steaks, as well as beef filet. Also, fish and poultry were on hand for dinner.

Madonna is known to eat a high-protein diet, particularly during her tours.

Last night, the pop icon visited Jerusalem’s Old City, where she got a private tour of the Western Wall tunnel, which runs along the full length of the wall.

According to local reports, Madonna is also set to visit the grave sites of rabbis in Sefad, a town where some of the greatest Kaballah thinkers are buried. Also, she is slated to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country’s opposition leader, Tzipi Livni.

Her celebrity entourage reportedly will include actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, who arrived here yesterday, as well as singer Justin Timberlake, who reportedly will touch down in Israel today. It is rumored Timberlake will perform on stage with Madonna for their hit song, “Four Minutes.”

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