What better way to begin than with this priceless tidbit from a Tuesday night newscast out of Los Angeles:

“Not everything went as planned,” the reporter on the scene informed the anchor. “At Commonwealth Elementary School there were bigger problems than the flap over the president’s speech [being broadcast to school children that day]. Packed with media, the [classroom’s] TV wasn’t working. So we tried the radio, and that worked until the president’s voice got drowned out by Rush Limbaugh. It was the only station I could find a signal for.”

Rush Limbaugh

It’s true: Rush returned to work just in time this week and issued a warning that “government-run health care” was a “building block for a fascist nation.”

The afternoon before Obama’s health care address, Rush told listeners:

“That’s why that speech to these kids yesterday infuriated me. He doesn’t believe any of that. He doesn’t believe in personal responsibility. He doesn’t. Let him give that speech to the country at large. He doesn’t believe a word of it. It’s all lies. … Basically he’s going to have to go out there and say that everything you’ve heard that you say that’s in the House bill isn’t true.”

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck also returned to the air Tuesday, following the resignation of “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, whose radical past Beck had exposed relentlessly in radio and TV reports.

Beck’s official statement on Jones’ resignation was brief and measured; on the air, Beck told listeners:

“Having Van Jones leave is not a good thing. You’ll notice I don’t believe I ever asked for his resignation. What I did ask for are answers, but those answers are still out there. He’s no longer restricted in what he can say or do, and this man is a dangerous man. … That’s why I’ve said the whole time this isn’t about Van Jones. This is about the president and his policies.”

Right on cue, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann asked viewers to send him “dirt” on Glenn Beck – as well as Beck’s producer and other staff – as revenge for Jones’ ousting.

The real surprise came when Olbermann called off this “witch hunt” the next day. No word on why …

Michael Savage

Watch for Michael Savage’s new book this November. Entitled Banned in Britain, the book “details his ordeal of being blacklisted by the British government” earlier this year.

Savage will also be keynote speaker at the International Legal Conference on Freedom of Speech and Religion, Oct. 27 and 29 in Washington, D.C.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller isn’t on everyone’s talk radio “radar”, but I’ve been listening since the day he debuted, and love his program.

Miller’s libertarian, “rock ‘n’ roll” sensibility doesn’t have universal appeal – what does? – but his love for America, particularly its men and women in uniform, is palpable. His radio show is funny, informative, energetic and eclectic.

On Thursday alone, Miller spoke to Rod Blagojevich, Joe Montana, Sugar Ray Leonard, Congressman David Dreier and Wand’s own Pat Boone, who told star-studded stories from his decades in show business.

Incidentally: earlier this week, Boone’s WND column addressed the possible return of the “Fairness Doctrine,” which would silence conservative talk radio. He recommends that citizens concerned about this issue work with the American Center for Law and Justice and the American Conservative Union to support the Broadcaster Freedom Act.

I’d add Talk PAC to that list. Talk PAC raises “contributions from the general public to help elect candidates who are friendly to the interests of talk radio and free speech and to mobilize grass-roots opposition to threats to the First Amendment and talk radio.”

Talk PAC’s Twitter feed tells you what’s being featured on talk radio shows each day. A great website for a great cause.

Dennis Prager

Dennis Pager is rightly proud of the fact that he broadcasts on all those national holidays his colleagues take off. On Labor Day, he traditionally asks callers about what they do for a living. It’s one of his most popular and enlightening shows of the year, for good reason. This year’s Labor Day special was no exception. Prager has also started blogging, at his newly redesigned web site.

Out of left field

Finally, thanks to Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney for listening to liberal talk radio (such as it is) so you and I don’t have to. This week, he caught host Mike Malloy blaming conservative talk radio hosts and their “lemur-brained” listeners for … starting the forest fires in California!

Catch the free audio and transcript on Maloney’s Radio Equalizer site.

Once again, I’ve had to stop short of sharing highlights from all the shows I’d like to mention. If you’re a fan of Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and others, believe me: it’s nothing personal.

It’s just that the genius who declared that “space is infinite” obviously never worked as a columnist.

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