Best-selling Christian author Ray Comfort says there are such huge holes in evolutionary arguments that he’s giving away 50,000 copies of a special edition of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” that includes an introduction not only revealing the theory’s many hoaxes but also Darwin’s own thoughts on the existence of God.

Comfort, whose new book “Nothing Created Everything” elaborates on the evidence against the theory of evolution, said he’s had many conversations with avowed atheists as follows:

Comfort: “So you are an atheist. Do you then believe that nothing created everything, which is a scientific impossibility?”

Atheist: “No.”

Comfort: “So you believe that something created everything?”

Atheist: “Yes.”

Comfort: “Then you’re not an atheist.”

Ex-atheist: “OK.”

The issue recently was in the news because the Wall Street Journal posted a full-page piece purporting to present the atheism vs. God arguments.

“The problem was that both perspectives were pro-atheistic evolution,” said Comfort, who leads the Living Waters ministry. “It was a farce in the guise of ‘Man vs. God.’ The newspaper is free to publish anything they wish, but they are revealing either ignorance or a strong bias.

“Darwin wasn’t anti-God at all. In his famous book ‘Origin of Species’ Darwin refers to creation as the ‘works of God’ and calls Him the ‘Creator’ an amazing seven times,” Comfort said.

“The Journal’s ‘pro-God’ side of the argument conceded defeat in the very first sentence. It was pathetic. It’s precisely because of this prevalent ignorance (or dishonesty) that we are giving away 50,000 copies of ‘Origin of Species’ throughout universities in the United States this November.”

Comfort said he discovered the book was in the public domain, so the special edition is being prepared in conjunction with his book “Nothing Created Everything.”

In his book, he describes the love-hate relationship he has with atheists: They hate him, but he loves them, he says.

Atheists, Comfort says, are disturbed when he simply and elegantly states exactly what they believe – that nothing created everything, which is a scientific impossibility – and in so doing expose the common error that atheists are committed to logical thinking.

The book is a thought-provoking glimpse into Comfort’s world – an ongoing dialogue with professed atheists.

Comfort has dedicated the book to popular contemporary atheist evolutionist Richard Dawkins, who introduced the concept “Nothing Created Everything”: “To Richard Dawkins, in the sincere hope that he looks beyond the hypocrisy of organized religion, before he goes to meet his maker.”

In his 2004 book, “The Ancestor’s Tale,” Dawkins stated: “The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved literally out of nothing – is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.”

Says Comfort:
“There’s no way to say it kindly, but such thoughts show that the atheist doesn’t think, and proves the Bible right when it says that the fool has said in his heart that there is no God.”

Comfort, co-host of “The Way of the Master” television show with Kirk Cameron, explained, “All you have to do is present unbiased facts about the unscientific and unthinking nature of atheistic evolution, and then watch people change their minds.”

Comfort said his plan to give away copies of “Origin of Species” includes information on scientists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nicholas Copernicus, Francis Bacon and Louis Pasteur who believed God created the universe.

The campaign started when Comfort discovered that many professors at top universities described themselves as atheist or agnostic.

The special edition is timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s book, originally published in November 1859.

Comfort cited the “rave reviews”  his special edition already is attracting.

“It’s like a book with multiple personality disorder – two parts that absolutely hate each other; an intro that is the inane product of one of the most stupid minds of our century, and a science text that is the product of one of the greatest minds of the author’s century,” wrote PZ Myers, who teaches at the University of Minnesota at Morris.

The introduction points out the fact that humans share 96 percent of their genetic makeup with chimps doesn’t make them chimpanzees.

“According to evolutionist Steven Jones, a renowned British geneticist, ‘We also share about 50 percent of our DNA with bananas, and that doesn’t make us half bananas,” says Comfort.

On his book “Nothing created Everything,” Comfort says, “Anyone who tries to actually justify that nothing created everything has to be insane. This is a scientific impossibility.”

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