It’s getting so it scarcely pays to have a birth certificate.

I have one. I’ll even show it to those who need to see it to ascertain my qualifications as an American-born citizen.

Barack Obama claims to have one, but he won’t show it – even to answer growing questions about his constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

But I’m the bad boy because I keep asking to see it.

In fact, my name has been dragged through the mud. I’ve been called a racist, a conspiracy nut, a right-wing extremist and a con man – and that’s on one of my good days.

There was a time I would attempt to answer the critics. It’s not even possible to keep up with them any more. They come from the left, from the right, from the middle and possibly even from other dimensions.

They make fantastic claims about what I say and write – even though my work is right out there publicly and available free to anyone who wants to see it with his own eyes.

They say I publish “rumors” about the subject of Obama’s eligibility. Can anyone find any rumors WND has published about this issue or any other? I sure can’t. If I did, heads would roll.

Now watch the red-hot eligibility story on DVD: “A Question of Eligibility: Is Obama’s presidency constitutionally legitimate?”

No, no one here at WND has ever claimed Obama was born in Kenya. What we report is that he has failed to prove his birth in Hawaii. And every day that he refuses to offer the minimal documentation of a birth certificate, doubts about his eligibility grow. Those are facts. They are borne out by public opinion polls.

Though I don’t deal in rumors, I will make an informed prediction: America will not make the mistake of re-electing in 2012 an “undocumented president.” That’s not just a prediction, it’s a promise.

So, I say to my legion of critics – laugh on! Make yourself look respectable before the media elite at my expense. Tell lies about me. Make me the issue instead of Barack Obama. Attempt to ruin my good name. The more you do these things, the more people you alienate from yourself.

I’m not the one advocating boycotts. I’m not the one demanding that only my positions be tolerated. I’m not the one insisting people who disagree with me are nuts or liars – though many of them truly are!

What I am saying is very simple: We have an “undocumented president.”

It’s true.

Is it any wonder he wants to offer amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens? He wants the company! It’s a great constituency for an “undocumented president.” In fact, it’s probably the only hope he has of being re-elected – unless, of course, the Republicans field another hopelessly inept non-competitor who offers no alternative vision whatsoever.

One rube who writes for Townhall stated: “Any official loyal to the Constitution has no choice but to take Hawaii’s word for it.”

Take Hawaii’s word for it?

Hawaii has not spoken on the matter. One little-known public health administrator has issued a statement assuring 300 million Americans that Obama is a “natural born citizen.” The governor has not inspected the birth certificate. The legislature has not investigated. No judges in Hawaii have made a determination that Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve on the basis of his birth certificate. No hospital in Hawaii claims him.

This is not sitting well with the American people who, in case you haven’t noticed, are growing increasingly and healthfully more skeptical of government every day.

I will survive this fiasco of Barack Obama’s making.

But the “undocumented president” will not. Mark my words.

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