Democrats are famous for finding a way to shoot themselves in the foot once they gain power. Since a majority of Americans perceived Bill Clinton’s presidency to be successful, it took a bit of sexual pervasion and blatant lying to destroy his own presidential legacy.

Now, the new progressive power holders in Washington, including and especially those in BHO’s inner circle of mischief, continue to increase their determination to provide freedom-loving Americans with more and better ammunition than they could ever come up with on their own. BHO’s strategy to overwhelm the system with one (illegal) socialist proposal after another has turned out to be an embarrassing, self-destructive strategy.

Having said this, fairness compels me to admit that had BHO enacted his agenda slowly, it would have given people more time to catch on and fight back against his implementation of socialism. From day one, BHO’s plan has been to push as much “stuff” through – legally or illegally – before the Nov. 2, 2010, elections – at which time a whole lot of Democrats are going to feel like Marie Antoinette on her worst (and last) day.

Which brings us to the Dems’ latest foot-shooting episode. Last Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” presidential senior adviser David Axelrod said of the rally in D.C., “I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood.” Say what? It was yet another 180-degree switcheroo by the panicked administration. Whatever you do that’s bad, accuse the other side of doing it. Whatever the other side does that’s good, just claim it’s bad – or that it didn’t happen.

Read the guidebook that’s influencing Barack Obama’s political warfare, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

But even better than Axelrod’s self-delusive remarks was what Obama said in yet another “60 Minutes” interview: “The loudest, shrillest voices get the most attention.” Again, projection – flip what progressives say and do and claim that the right is guilty of it.

I was at the D.C. rally, and I can tell you that the voices were not shrill, though some of them were at times loud – as well they should have been. But take a cue from Che Prez, because he comes from the ranks of the enemy – the enemy who invented loud and shrill.

You may not be old enough to remember the antics of the hippies in the ’60s, but they mastered the art of loud and shrill to move the country irreversibly to the left. Loud and shrill ended the Vietnam War. Loud and shrill kicked the deadly “green movement” into high gear. Loud and shrill reduced God’s role to that of a bench player. And loud and shrill brought Barack Hussein Obama out of the manger and into your wallet.

I’m not sure what Saul, King of Radicals would say about how badly the progressives have botched things up since BHO left the Chicago mob for greener pastures in Washington, but my guess is that he’d be furious at their ineptitude. Alinsky had little patience for radicals who acted like fools. I don’t for a second believe that David Axelrod believes anything he said in his “Face the Nation” interview, and neither would brother Saul.

BHO and his partners in crime should reread “Rules for Radicals.” It’s not cool to high-tail it out of town and speak to your own followers while hundreds of thousands of voters are protesting in the town where you live and work (well, leave it at live … BHO is not known for doing a lot of heavy lifting). It’s not cool to dismiss folks who are furious about your policies. It’s not cool to wave aside dissenters as not representing the mainstream view when clearly they do. And it’s certainly not cool to threaten them (as well as congressmen and women) for challenging you on the facts.

My writings about what would happen if a born-and-bred communist became president go back at least a year and a half, and they easily could have been written today. Though I wish I had been wrong, it’s at least a small consolation to be able to say, “I told you so.” Nor was I alone. A significant number of columnists and radio and TV commentators saw The Obama Socialist Express coming almost from the day he announced his candidacy.

What’s puzzling to me are those remaining “conservatives” on TV who still don’t see it! (You know, “I don’t doubt for a second that Barack Obama has good intentions for America. I just believe that the man is inexperienced.”) For crying out loud, read his books! Watch his video clips! Listen to his speeches! It’s all there – the promise to fundamentally change America, telling ACORN and SEIU that they will help shape White House policy with him, czars that want to sterilize you and give your dog the right to sue you, and other assorted chutzpah that would have bought about the wrath of Saul, King of Radicals, for its lack of subtlety.

BHO is right: Loud and shrill get the most attention. Those who are not members of that shrinking progressive minority that still wants to “fundamentally change America” should take his advice. It’s time to ramp it up and make the new fringe media (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) apoplectic.

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